Charm of Razalannas


The Charm of Razalannas is a scheming, sentient Dragon Orb with the power of domination. Given enough time to work its baleful energies, it can dominate any thinking creature.

During the Lith-Crillion Era, a legendary blue dragon named Razalannas terrorized the people of Arcana. After mustering sufficient magic at Aggda, the Lith-Crillon lured the beast into a web of energy and then banished the dragon to the Abyss.

On an Abyssal world, Razalannas came into conflict with the demon lord Onoskelis. The dragon was captured by the demon lord's minions. Razalannas suffered torture and deprivation for hundreds of years. During this time, he learned guile from the scheming nature of his captors. Some even say he was taught it from a few demons who would like nothing better than seeing their master fall. Several times, Razalannas's schemes came close fruition. His last scheme split Onoskelis's army in three, with each faction fighting to be master of the demon lord's realm. A rival demon lord took advantage of the situation. He killed Onoskelis, took her holdings and then thanked Razalannas for his plotting. The new master of Razalannas was not about to fall to the dragon's machinations. He had Razalannas killed, then had his brain carefully removed. The Charm of Razalannas was created using this brain.

In the Year 81, the Azwyr Amoruk of Khalas found the Charm of Razalannas. They used this artifact to take control of a number of Mulinburam. They sent these ghost kings into the tribes of the goliath to spy on them and then take control of their leaders. After taking control of three of the top goliath leaders and several other important figures, they had them rally the other tribes to a common cause - the destruction of Malad-Mîn. The goliath formed the Khalas-Tûr confederacy and went to war with Malad-Mîn.