Established11 Brightstar 1121 LE

A product of the Gwildath Civil War (1114 LE - 1121 LE), this empire was established by the rebel leader Marchenir and his anti-royalist army. On 11 Brightstar 1121 LE, in their capital city Saurrel, Marchenir and his mixed race army and civilians formed their first government. It was a magocracy called the Celedhroth, its leaders were three groups of wizards, all focused on building an empire with a classless society, equal rights for non-Kriavfahliil, and a united defense against the royalist armies of Gwildath.

Gwildath and Marchenir have went to war with each other many times since the rebellion. In one of these conflicts, the Celedhroth employed the dark arts, summoning in fiendish aid. This outside aid helped defeat the Gwildath, but also caused extensive harm and mayhem in the lands of the Marchenir. It took a decade to put down or drive out all the fiends running amok. The Celedhroth was replaced in the next election by a republic, one of military leaders, savants, wizards, priests, and merchants. This republic government has on several occasions been unseated by magocracies, but none as notorious and reckless as the Celedhroth.

On the world of Bal-Kriav, the Kriavfahliil of Turgon blamed their fall on lore of Marchenir's Celedhroth.

Our mages are seeking every avenue to gain an advantage. In desperation, this includes a petition to open up the archival vaults and procure forbidden scrolls written by the ill-fated Celedhroth. Though now long since swallowed up by their own dark magic, their scrolls, tomes, and relics still haunt our archival vaults. This magic, created by a magocracy that once governed Marchenir is the stuff of fiends and conjuration. Must we turn to fiends that are more ruthless and cunning than the Tetramord?

This morning the vote was in favor of opening up the archival vaults. Can we practice restraint and not bring fell creatures forth that will do to us what they did to the Celedhroth?

- Neithil, scribe of the High Magister, 13 Hollow 23 - "Beginning of the Dark Pacts"

Marchenir's centaurs, products of the Cube Collapse, were once nomadic tribes of Tungesti. When they were changed to what seemed like abominations, they were driven away, into the decaying lands of Draugluin. In the Gwildath Civil War, the rebels under Marchenir allied with Draugluin's centaurs. They would go on to prove immeasurably helpful as shock troops, messengers, and even transport. After Gwildath split in two, the centaurs went with Marchenir, becoming an elite military force and important political block of the republic.

Marchenir, like Gwildath, sends colonists to other realms and worlds. They only started doing this after they learned that Gwildath was sending "explorers" to other realms in search of relics and allies to use against them. In 2622 LE, they sent colonists to the world Bal-Kriav where in sector Fjorvir they founded the settlement of LĂșthil.

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