Lady Hunger

Lady Hunger
LocationAstral Sea
AliasesFar're Qainulyth, Vla'akith CXV
Class25th psion / 28th priest
RaceGithyanki (Vampire)
Vla'akith CXV720 - present
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceB'lailleth Empire
Born4 Temporal 671
Undead4 Bloom 720

On 4 Bloom 720, Far're Qainulyth became empress of the B'lailleth Empire. She became Vlaakith CXV, ruler of one of the larger githyanki empires of the Astral Sea. Taking the title Vla'akith CXV, required becoming an immortal, which traditionally met they become a lich. Far're Qainulyth went against tradition, becoming a vampire. This was on the urging of Kezgihr, her god and her lover. By the bite of Kezgihr, Far're became a vampire. She was of the free-willed type, master to none. This was not Kezgihr's doing, but a limitation of the Rules of Divine Governance, limiting Higher Powers control over mortals and those recently made undead.

A few months after becoming a vampire by the bite of Kezgihr, Far're, now an empress, turned on her closest and most loyal advisors. They were made the empress's vampire spawn. For the populace, it was a manageable vampire problem, the growing number of vampire leaders limiting their unsavory and potentially deadly actions. Then came the blood orgies where the city's important heads and influential personages, descended on the populace. It was well-known that their empress was party to these attacks, the worst for her blood hunger. For many she became known as the Lady Hunger. The anger and fear of these bloodbaths were soothed with apologies and coin. Those having a serious problem with the vampires were taken away for indoctrination or worse. The populace could do little. Many considered it a small price for a reign that was proving successful on the field of battle, with B'lailleth's army's defeating the Suellk in many great battles.

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