Typemedium-sized humanoid
Creation5 Saunas 2219 DE
NativeAstral Sea, Bal-Kriav, others

In the Dawn Era, a Lith-Crillion named Githyon served as an advisor to Ptah. Like his master, Githyon was deep into the study of psychic energy. His experiments led to the psionic methods known today as Energy Exchange. In a secret lab on Ghífthauk, using earth archons as subjects, Githyon created the first Githzerai and the Githyanki by exchanging the archon's elemental energy with life energy, and trapping forlorn souls destined for Chaos in their bodies.

Githyanki civilization began on the Asteraoth world Ghífthauk. Their biggest rival on this world were the Githzerai. These two peoples were constantly at war over their world's limited resources. Their last war lasted a hundred years, wrecking their economies and greatly weakening their armies. The Suellk, hailing from Ráglauth, invaded Ghífthauk at a fortunate time for them but not so for the githyanki and githzerai still reeling from a century-long war. The two peoples were enslaved, dined upon, and then harvested like cattle, forced to endure fourteen centuries of servitude.

In the Incarsabec Rebellion, the githyanki and githzerai rose up as one in the Suellk capital city. This rebellion fanned out across Ghífthauk and to the planet's moons. During the conflict, tens of thousands of githyanki and githzerai managed to escape their masters through the Suellk's Silver Mirrors. These mirrors took them to the Astral Sea where they slowly rebuilt their civilization.

Many of the githyanki found on the world Bal-Kriav come from the Har'kish Empire. Those that leave the empire are usually branded separatists. The largest number of githyanki to break with this empire happened in the Har'kish Civil War. The civil war was a desire for more political and religious freedom. Many of those that left the Astral Sea came to Bal-Kriav. After a time, some went to Paradomea. The Council of Nine proclaimed that these separatists were free to join their empire as citizens and they would protect them. Being a militaristic people, many githyanki joined Paradomea's armed forces. The best soldiers joined an elite guard called the Githlarâk.

The githyanki of Har'kish and other githyanki empires are typically ruled by lich empresses called Vla'akith. They rule for as long as they are stronger and more cunning then the rest. Most githyanki societies under these Vla'akith have strong, if draconic laws, are soldiered from an early age, and the empires behind them are warmongers.

Racial Traits
Racial as githyanki
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