Bombing of Geb

Bombing of Geb
LocationDeaths Kindle, Bal-Kriav
Periodperiodic - every 968 years

The Bombing of Geb is a period when Gebs Rain is pummeled from the skies. This happens every 968 years, when the planet's orbit comes to its closet point to the Belt of Geb. For large areas of Gebs Rain, this is a cataclysmic event.

In 1692, the Nordern civilization was nearly wiped out by the meteor storms. They were only saved when the god Tempestant opened watery rifts between Gebs Rain and Bal-Kriav. Three of Nordern's submersible cities escaped the bombardment of their world through these rifts, reappearing some time later in the Bog Sea.

Documented Bombings of Geb
Year 724
Year 1692Norderns driven off Gebs Rain