Bombing of Geb

Bombing of Geb
LocationGebs Rain
Periodevery 900 years

The Bombing of Geb is a period when a world called Gebs Rain is pummeled from the skies. These asteroid impacts happen every 900 years. For those home to Gebs Rain, these are often civilization ending events. Those that survive are often of the seas, or living deep underground. Lasting several months, the Bombings of Geb happen when planetary orbit of Gebs Rain takes it close to the the remains a destroyed world, an area of the Void called the Belt of Geb.

In 1692, the Norderns suffered their second Bombing of Geb. Saved when their god Tempestant opened watery rifts between Gebs Rain and the world of Bal-Kriav, three of their cities escaped the bombardment, reappearing in Bal-Kriav's Bog Sea.

Documented Bombings of Geb
Year 792Hadal One, the Norderns suffer under their first Bombing of Geb
Year 1692by way of Tempestants Spring, three Nordern cities leave Gebs Rain for the world of Bal-Kriav