Sixth Siguzilbak War

Clans - Narbuzad
Period776 - 784
Phlehorn VS Kuladul

There were six wars fought in and around the Siguzilbak forest. The last of these, the Sixth Siguzilbak War was between the hobgoblin empire Kuladul and the Kingdom of Phlehorn.

In the last battle of the war, Phlehorn's mercenary armies captured the enemy capital. Clan armies did most of the war's fighting. These were mercenary forces, the first signs of Phlehorn's decline. When victory was declared, the clan armies under the leadership of the Gibil-Nâru declared a new dwarven kingdom. They established the Fargimdal kingdom with the enemy's conquered capital, its capital. Phlehorn did not object to this move. Their forces were no match for those following the Gibil-Nâru, and their legions of Ares faithful, but more importantly they liked the idea of having a military-minded kingdom between them and the equally aggressive elves of the Rúmil Empire.

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