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Established11 Temporal 1712 HE

Zisi-Nul began as group dedicated to righting wrongs and fighting the hostile elements of the Kuli-Cir Forest. They were all githzerai monks, martial artists, and mentalists; descendants of those that came to Bal-Kriav with the Inscarabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE). The group's transition to monastic defenders to mercenaries came about with a period of peace that came over the area in the First Epoch. With no need for so many, instead of turning to the plow to earn their living, they travelled far and wide, selling their martial and mental skills to pretty much anyone who needed them. Others joined their ranks along the way, adopted their ideologies of deep contemplation, physical fitness, and focusing on their skills as if it were an art.

In 993, the Zisi-Nul was joined by a mysterious figure named Blac'drugulois. He came at a time when work could not be found, a lull in war across the lands. It took Blac'drugulois four years for win over the company's leaders. The turning point was when he told them of the location of one of their long-lost fortress Limbgud. He needed their backing in an enterprise far to the north.

While Blac'drugulois was serving Tamlêrran, he began to move small groups of Zisi-Nul into his army. When he had nearly the entire force at his side, Blac'drugulois moved against one of the wizard-governors of Tamlêrran. He then tried to take over the empire. The Zisi-Nul lost nearly half their fighting strength in the ensuing battles for the capital.

Perhaps the most memorable fighting in the Annals of Zisi-Nul was in the streets and along the walls of Nizgimân. The concerted magical fire-power of the enemy was something that few could withstand. The Zisi-Nul and their will to last to the end, their mental might, and the genius of her commanders saved us from annihilation. Those of us within earshot of Blac'drugulois were emboldened by his commanding presence and protected from fire, lightning, cold, and magical effects. We lost half of our numbers at Nizgimân and Blac'drugulois was captured and imprisoned. The Tamlêrran were so impressed with our fighting skills that we went on to serve as their mercenaries for many years.

- excerpt from the Annals of Zisi-Nul

The Zisi-Nul have craftsmen that are masters at making psionic weapons and gear. One of their most known items are psionic bastard swords called Psi-Volts. These weapons are often used by the company's officers.

The company is headquartered in Ithilmar. They do this because Ithilmar is largely a neutral state, not interfering with the affairs of those around them. They would prefer Limgud, close to their frequent employer (the Orchish Empire), but they found that getting business with the Orchish Empire's many enemies, was much harder in the days they stayed at Limbgud. Today, Limbgud is a training center and place of rest for Zisi-Nul operating in and around Inirthak

When Blac'drugulois was building the Orchish Empire, the Zisi-Nul were employed to help in Energy Exchange, re-forging the orcs under Blac'drugulois into what are today known as the Githirmil.

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