Membersgoliath tribes of Khalas and Rumak-Khâl
Period82 - 86

Khalas-Tûr was a confederacy of goliath tribes scattered across Khalas and Rumak-Khâl. At the start of the First Epoch, Malad-Mîn had secured the eastern reaches of Khalas and created a great wall to stop goliath raiding. Over the decades after the building of the wall, Malad-Mîn began using the wall as a forward base for offensive action against the Khalas-Tûr. The Turkûn harried the goliath and slowly took the most valuable mines and territory of the valley. These mines were a major source of iron for the goliath. The Turkûn and goliath warred for decades over them.

The Mulinburam are powerful dwarven ghosts that dwell in the depths under Khalas. Each ghost was once a king of the Azwyr Amoruk. Due to a powerful curse, these kings are destined to rise as a ghost and terrorize their former subjects. The Azwyr Amoruk bury their kings deep in an underground maze with the crypts scattered about a vast area. This crypt maze is called Arakkhalgam. The dwarves have been building this crypt maze for over a thousand years and continue to add to it so the next king has a place to be imprisoned.

In the Year 81, the Azwyr Amoruk, friends of neither party, found an ancient dragon orb called the Charm of Razalannas. They used this artifact to take control of a number of Mulinburam. They sent these ghost kings into the tribes of the goliath to spy on them and then take control of their leaders. After taking control of three of the top goliath leaders and several other important figures, they had them rally the other tribes to a common cause - the destruction of Malad-Mîn. In the Year 82, the goliath formed the Khalas-Tûr confederacy and went to war with Malad-Mîn. For their part, it became known as the Mulinburam War.

Malad-Mîn fell in the Year 86. After the fall of the Malad-Mîn, the Mulinburam turned the goliath tribes on each other. The Azwyr Amoruk then attacked the goliath from many places across their territory. The Azwyr Amoruk, tainted from once dwelling in the Abyss, emerged from hidden caves, mountain redoubts, and trapdoors leading into the vast network of tunnels and chambers beneath Khalas. The Khalas-Tûr confederacy broke up a year after the fall of Malad-Mîn. The goliath slowly learned that key figures in their tribes had been taken over by ghosts. They killed some of the leaders and performed exorcisms on others. They managed to banish or kill two of the Mulinburam. One of the Mulinburam was so powerful that he killed most of his tribe and turned them into wraiths. This Mulinburam was King Barakthûl. This king had been murdered by his own brother so that he could take the throne. King Barakthûl and his horde of wraiths went into the depths to avenge his murder. The ghost king battled his Azwyr Amoruk kin for years. The goliath united after a time, and drove the Azwyr Amoruk back from whence they came. The goliath were greatly weakened after the long wars and suffered as a result for decades thereafter.

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