Karnegmoth is west of Izagunbar and north of Weretopia. Unlike these neighboring regions, Karnegmoth was left relatively unscathed by the ravages of the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War.

The region's most dominate feature is the Elephant Backbone. These mountains loom high over the landscape, so high in fact mariners use them to navigate the Pearl and Mephigax seas.

In the Horgon Era, Abâthigûr colonists settled along the region's northern coasts. They came in force, truly settling the wild around them. In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the rulers of Abâthigûr fled for the deeps of the oceans. The first to declare their independence from this dying empire were those of Karnegmoth. After driving off their Hydrocur overlords, the Sussgurd were a free people. They spread along the coasts, and into the interior, trading far and wide. In the First Epoch, they formed the Tinnanguth Empire; along the way shattering the Ethenoran confederacy in search of rare ores.

Today, the dominant empire of this region is Rilirthad. This empire of Earthen, seeks to turn the entire region into something akin to their home world Granitoid. The Rilirthad are responsible for the Karnegmoth Cataclysm. Two of the causes of this are the Earth Callers and the Togomud Sink. These are one-way bridges, drawing in earth, mud, and rocks, and sometimes Earthen from Granitoid, then emptying them in the Mud Flow or the Granitoid Spill.

Karnegmoth is holed with rifts to the world Granitoid. Through these rips in the Web of Magic, spill rivers of mud, sand, and sometimes molten rock. The landscape is dotted with hundreds, perhaps thousands of mud volcanoes. Many of these are small, but some tower hundreds of feet over the mud flows meandering around them. The foreign matter flowing into Karnegmoth is slowly making it higher and larger. The mud flows and shifting earth are expanding outward into the Pearl Sea and the Mephigax.

A number of smaller groups dwell in Karnegmoth. Many seek to halt the machinations of the Rilirthad. The most notable of these groups are the Greenland Alliance.

Straiden has seen the rise and fall of several empires. Those that set-up shop in this land will never survive if they persist on causing wanton ecological damage. Karnegmoth, the land spirit, is strong and patient, he may loose the battles, but he always wins the war.

- Brother Lashclenis, of the Elrond Melwasúl - "Spirit of Karnegmoth"

The Underdark region beneath Karnegmoth is Bulâd-Gûla.

Cities of Karnegmoth
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