Broken Anvil War

Period816 - 824
Hjalmarbrodd VS Grimmarsveinn

The Broken Anvil War was a battle between rival dwarven clans out of the kingdom of Hjalmarbrodd and those out of the Grimmarsveinn Syndicate. It came about from a long-running feud between two dwarven clans, the Anbuzdûn of Hjalmarbrodd and the Khazdu of Grimmarsveinn. In 812, the natural death of King Bilân Taruzdandu II left a young prince to take the throne. Three years later, Dandulig Taruzdandu III reached the age to wed. Suitors from the most powerful clans of the region were sent to Hjalmarbrodd's capital city Numakkhalgu. The Anbuzdûn and Khazdu had competed in this game for more than a millennia, a rivalry that some believe that goes as far back as the time of the small clannish states of Khalas. By the First Epoch, they played this game like a chess match, using wit and charm to enamor the reigning king or queen, all in the hopes of putting their clan son or daughter on the Anvil Throne of Hjalmarbrodd.

The war began when Anbuzdûn's clan daughter was assassinated. As a result of both family's notoriety and wealth, their respective empires were drawn into the conflict. The Broken Anvil War lasted eight years and would have went on longer if not for the battlefield death of King Dandulig Taruzdandu III. He left no one to take his place on the throne, so according to a practice going back to the time of Malad-Mîn, the clans got together and voted on candidates to take the throne. The groups unanimously voted on the candidates put forward by the Anbuzdûn and the Khazdu. The two clans also agreed that the new King and Queen should use the royal name Anbuzdûn-Khazdu so as to mend the rivalries between the clans.