LocationMorwuld Briin

Angvild is a very large island, nearly equaling the land area of the region Hells Womb. It is alien matter taken from Chaos. Girded with negative entropy, giving it stability, it is still something of another realm. It has broken apart twice, the first fracture created the isle of Sôvuk, the next came Arrowowyn. Engineen's invention of steam engines stopped the third fracture.

The story of how this island ended up in Bal-Kriav's ocean Morwuld Briin began in the Dawn War.

It came from Chaos, a landmass of elemental matter ferrying a primordial army. Those behind this effort were the primordials Geb, Talos, Surtur. The intended it to be a floating island, a great military base and transport vessel.

Once on Bal-Kriav, the island did not get far. It hit the ocean floor, stopping dead in its tracks. Talos and Geb, both destined to be gods, sheared away a section of the island, raising it into the clouds. As matter from Chaos, this work was much easier than what could be done with the native landscape. The goal of Talos was to create a flying military base for his storm giants. From it, they planned to assault the angelic bastions of Aphalur, Nazel and other holds across Ušuškad.

The Dawn War ended before Talos's floating island could be put to use. Captured by Covenant forces, Talos was imprisoned, Geb eluded his pursuers, going into hiding deep underground. The floating island, named Krarkauk after Talos's great axe, destroyed while working on separating the land from its base, was set adrift on the winds

- Biraz-Felab, from a Scroll of Dawn - "8602 DE, The Great Pull"

In the Year 66, Gimrune settlers came to this island. Today, the contraptions of Engineen are some of the most technologically advanced and dangerous mechanical devices in all of Midrêth.

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