LocationMorwuld Briin
Created9 Temporal 8602 DE

To the uninformed, Angvild is just another of the large islands dotting Morwuld Briin's vast ocean expanse. Once you get near its coasts, you know that something is different about the place. In the First Epoch, history of the area's three alien islands became more clear. A Khazarkar exploration of Zôd'vîrmâb, once a Lith-Crillion research outpost, recovered this piece of information:

... as not being in equilibrium with the world around it, unnatural in its rock formations, its mountain lakes with bottoms of heavy liquid, and ancient primordial ruins of otherworldly design dotting the landscape. The heart of the island is tore away by what could only have been the labors of primordials. Roving about this out-of-place island are creatures that could only have spilled out of Chaos.

- Belzarûn Indar, Lith-Crillion Loremaster, from the journal - Angvild Investigation

Records much older than the Lith-Crillion, the campaign journals of Warvild, say that Angvild was once a fragment of the Sea of Entropy. Floating aimlessly in Chaos, it was an enormous island of matter, an earth mote he planned to use in the war against the Creationists. In the Creation War, Angvild became a ferry, a one-way transport between the home of the primordials, the Sea of Entropy, and the mortal world Bal-Kriav.

In 8602 DE, it came from Chaos, a floating island, ferrying a primordial army. Those doing the pulling were the primordials Geb, Talos, Surtur. A plan conceived by Warvild, this island of entropic matter, an earth mote unhindered by its great mass, would float across the waters of Sphere 411. It would be a great naval base, a ferry for invasions, threatening all coastal areas and controlling the sea lanes for many leagues in all directions.

As the fates would have it, the island did not get far. It came through a temporary rift, a few degrees off target, it soon hit the ocean floor. It became moored with the world around it. It is said at the time only Poseidon could have dislodged it. Fortunately for the Covenant, Poseidon was already coming across to the ideals of the Nawirrûs Covenant and was looking to ending a war that seemed without end.

In 8776 DE, Talos and Geb, both destined to be gods, sheared away part of Angvild. This island of matter, an earth mote, rose into the clouds. Talos garrisoned his and Geb's creation, what they named Krarkauk, with storm giants. From it, they planned to carry out Warvild's plan, assaulting great Covenant bastions like Aphalur, Nazel and other holds across the Ušuškad Mountains.

The Creation War ended before Talos's floating island saw action. Captured by Covenant forces, Talos was imprisoned. His last act of resistance was setting his floating island adrift on the winds.

- Biraz-Felab, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Great Pull"

In the Year 66, a few dozen Gimrune settled on the island. They found many things left behind by the Primordials. These discoveries are why the contraptions of Engineen are some of the most technologically advanced and dangerous mechanical devices in all of Midrêth.

Today's Angvild is smaller than what it was in the Creation War. It has had a piece carved from it, the floating island Krarkauk, now far away over Ice Cap, and two smaller islands that have broke from it. The first fracture created the isle of Torvild, an age later, in the Horgon, Era, the island of Wynvild broke free. The channels between these islands are mostly shallow. These channels, Warvilds Fingers, are the quickest ways between the islands. They are littered with broken rock, and spires of rock that are navigation hazards and roosts for harpies and other foes. A few deep channels, cut by strong ocean currents, pass through this area. They are hot spots, with heavy pirating and frequent attacks by monsters and sahuagin lurking about.

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