Khirêl Tâmândêth

Symbolthree stacked books
Established20 War March 2890 LE

Khirêl Tâmândêth, better known to outsiders as the Arcanums, are wizard colleges. There is one or more in every Tamlêrran state, with those having more than one a product of annexation - meaning a wizard governor of one state takes out a rival state and turns it into a Tamlêrran Third.

Each year at the Arcanums, the professors cull the freshmen class. They evict those lacking the skill to progress beyond the first level. Those that had the state paying their tuition, are required to serve in the military until they pay them back. This is a very old practice dating as far back as Volgad and an honored tradition. It gives many the choice of not going on even if they have the aptitude for some may want to pursue other interests like becoming a merchant, farmer, or whatever.

The first college of Khirêl Tâmândêth was founded in Imrik during the time of the Volgads. It is a ruin today, but still a place of visit for brave and perhaps foolhardy recent graduates of today's Khirêl Tâmândêth.

The colleges of Khirêl Tâmândêth are state funded. The two main rules for entry are that you want to try to be mage and that your are a citizen of Tamlêrran. Sociologists of the Neetch have often said that Khirêl Tâmândêth is a product of Tamlêrran citizenry's love and admiration of magic.

Khirêl Tâmândêth's symbol is three stacked books, symbolizing the three semesters of college, each a year long.

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