Founded29 Dreamer 901

Dumugon was founded in the First Epoch by a ruthless and cunning Ogre Lord named Eneriyes. For centuries, an existence prolonged by lichdom, she was a thorn in the side of the Orchish Empire.

Dumugon was once a powerful city-state of the Toomrur. With architecture influenced by the Zeymah'kein and the styles of the Talothand, it became a formidable bastion. It stood in the way the Orchish Empire's eastern expansion.

Dumugon is sited on the southeastern edge of Lake Thurveleg. In the conflicts with the Orchish Empire and others, it proved very defensible, requiring attackers to hold the land and the lake.

In 1505, Dumugon fell to the Orchish Empire. It went on to repel repeated Toomrur assaults.

In 1508, the city was liberated. Mercenary generals out of the Council of Bile and war trolls, playing heavily in the city's recapture. The Toomrur were especially bloody, giving no quarter to the soldiers of the Fograth. This led to a severe uptick in disease and the rise of the unholy, ghouls, ghasts, and other fell undead.

As part of the peace treaty to end the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511), Dumugon was abandoned.

Dumugon is a cold and eerie place. Ghostly apparitions of orc sentries still patrol the walls. The ghost dragon Zanthrall, once a Fograth general, lairs in the ruin's largest. This former blue dragon general seeks to restore his vast horde of loot and break the curse which binds him to where he was brutally slain.

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Notable Areas
  • Ghazul, cell of Borurthane
  • Zanthralls Nest, tower of a blue ghost dragon
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