FounderOgre Lord Eneriyes
Founded29 Dreamer 901

Dumugon was founded in the First Epoch by a cunning and ruthless Ogre Lord named Eneriyes. She was a formidable foe of the Orchish Empire for centuries, prolonging her life by embracing lichdom.

Dumugon was once a powerful city-state of the Toomrur. Its architecture had aspects of both Arkhosia and Talothand. It was such a formidable place, that the Orchish Empire's expansion into the eastern tracts of Grashakh were stopped a hundred miles from it. Dumugon was built on the eastern edge of Gudrall and on the shores of Thurveleg. This made the city very defensible in a siege, requiring attackers to hold the land and the lake.

In 1505, the Orchish Empire finally succeeded in taking the city. The place was occupied by the orcs and held against repeated assaults. In 1508, ogre armies liberated the city. Mercenary generals out of the Council of Bile and war trolls are said to have greatly aided in the city's recapture. When Dumugon fell, the defenders and every citizen of the city, 18,000 creatures, were put to the sword. This resulted in wide spread disease and the emergence of undead and evil spirits, which turned to cleaning up the carnage of the massacre and attacking the liberators. As part of the peace treaty to end the First Ogre War, the Toomrur abandoned the city to the wild.

Dumugon is a cold and eerie place. Ghostly apparitions of orc sentries still patrol the walls. The ghost dragon Zanthrall dwells in the largest tower of the ruins. This former blue dragon general of the Orchish Empire seeks to restore his vast horde of loot and break the curse which binds him to this place. Also, in the ruins is a cult cell of Borurthane.

Notable Areas
  • Ghazul, cell of Borurthane
  • Zanthrall's Nest, tower of a blue ghost dragon
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