FounderOgre Lord Eneriyes
Founded29 Dreamer 901

Dumugon was founded in the First Epoch by a cunning and ruthless Ogre Lord named Eneriyes. For centuries, a formidable foe of the Orchish Empire, prolonging her life by embracing lichdom.

Under Eneriyes, Dumugon became a powerful Toomrur city-state. Its architecture is styled on early Talothand, blocky structures with huge fighting decks. It was such a formidable place, that the Orchish Empire's expansion into the eastern tracts of Grashakh were impeded by its presence.

Sited along the southern tip of lake Thurveleg and a river aptly named Eneriyes Tongue, it had a series of islands linked to the main city via bridges and great spans. The islands were heavily fortified with blockhouses and great barbed nets. With the city seemingly always overpopulated, in times of peace, the bridges and islands were crowded shanty towns.

In 1505, Dumugon was captured by the Orchish Empire. Contested for three years, it was retaken in 1508 by the ghost of Eneriyes and a mercenary army. It was served by generals out of the Council of Bile and had two companies of battle-bred soldiers, one of war trolls, the other skullcrushers. No quarter was given to the defenders, nearly 18,000 put to the sword. The result of this heinous act was an outbreak of the hungering plague, then the rise of undead and evil spirits bent on vengeance.

As part of the peace treaty to end the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511), the Toomrur abandoned the city to the wild. It was a fair deal, with disease and overrun by vengeful undead, Dumugon proved uninhabitable for the living.

Dumugon is a cold and eerie place. Ghostly apparitions of orc sentries still patrol the walls. The ghost dragon Zanthrall dwells in the largest tower of the ruins. This former blue dragon general of the Orchish Empire seeks to restore his vast horde of loot and break the curse which binds him to this place. Also, in the ruins is a cult cell of Borurthane.

Notable Areas
  • Ghazul, cell of Borurthane
  • Zanthrall's Nest, tower of a blue ghost dragon
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