Sal'rurg Thad

Sal'rurg - The Castrated One
Class22nd fighter / 10th wizard
TitleDao Khan
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born16 Dreamer 395

Sal'rurg was a very charismatic, cunning and power hungry dao. During the time of the Tinnanguth Empire, his beginnings were like many other Earthen, pulled from their home world Granitoid to serve under Sussgurd masters.

At the age of 15, he was yanked from his world, pulled across the vastness of the Void in but an instant. He found himself on a mortal world, staring in the face of a lone Sussgurd wizard. It was a surprise, but not unexpected. Back on Grantoid, word was spreading of this type of magic. Sal'rurg had heard a wise one talk nervously of this, "a remarkable mortal achievement, binding something outside the Mortal Systems and then summoning it to you. They have come far since our [the primordials] invasion rifts dotted their worlds like honeycombs."

In 410, magically summoned to Bal-Kriav, Sal'rurg was given a magical adamantine amulet called a Holentur Hook. This device made it so that the duration of conjuration spells, and the Earthen summoned, lasted years instead of hours. Sal'rurg's amulet was not unique. He joined a dozen other dao and hundreds of earth elementals as diggers. In the decades that followed, these numbers would grow ten fold. Sal'rurg was the first of Tinnanguth's Earthen workforce that improved his station. He became a bodyguard for a merchant then an administrator of his master's home, then overseer of a Holentur adamantine mine. After his master's mysterious death, he was imprisoned for six years under suspicion. The investigation came to a stop when it was learned that the state was running an project to determine the ability of dao in roles other than digging and building. After being released, he was picked up by a new master. Sal'rurg was picked up to serve as a harem master. In this role he was to watch over his master's concubines, preventing others from defiling them, and keeping the concubines from escaping or have dalliances with the staff. Under the cover of magic, Sal'rurg went on to bed many of them. He did this in the guise of a temporary cook, cleaner, or other that took care of his master's palatial dwellings. It was only after he had given up his carnal desires of mortals, pledging allegiance to Geb, and becoming known as The Castrated One, that he learned he was again playing a part in an experiment. It was another of Tinnanguth projects, this one to see if half-elementals could be created from magic and nature intercourse. His treatment and that of many others were an impetus of the Dao Insurrection.

In the Dao Civil War, Sal'rurg's cunning led to him becoming the master of the other dao warlords. On 21 Temporal 840, he established the Rilirthad Empire, with him its first Dao Khan.