Incubus Aphenôrî

RegionNorthern Hordelands
OwnerWitch Horde
Founded14 Brightstar 331 LE

Incubus is an ancient Lith-Crillion city they called Aphenôrî. Unlike the war citadel Aggda, Aphenôrî was built as a research center for studying sources of magic at places like Achamâz, Radullu, and Yagolorn. Like most Lith-Crillion dwellings, it grew largely from outside peoples moving in.

... for then they could focus more on higher studies while the newcomers carried on with menial tasks that most Lith-Crillion detested.

- Arkmus, from his book Gods Among Us - "Aphenôrî Example"

Incubus is sited on the island Hraenar. The island is reached by a mile long bridge constructed mostly of earth motes. With the anti-gravity properties of these earth motes, the bridge has no supports. It varies in height from two hundred feet to three hundred feet above the ground. Gaps between earth motes are bridged by drawbridges or where they are too wide by permanent spans.

The initial construction of the city was done by Lith-Crillion and several hundred Dezellâm. Over time, other races that came to live in the city were employed to add to its growing grandeur. In half a millennia, on the banks of lake Hraenar, grew a city of such grandeur and epic proportions that dragons could freely fly through the largest buildings and stone giants could walk through doorways without hinder.

In 1002 LE, Incubus was sacked by a large hill and stone giant army. The Lith-Crillion took what they could, and sealed any other literature and relics in the Vaults of Aphenôrî. The giants enslaved the captured population, killing any Lith-Crillion prisoners; who they greatly feared for their arcane might. The city was abandoned, remaining a ruin until reoccupied in the First Epoch with the arrival of the Theegans.

After Krak-Oth's curse (c.f. Year 43), the Theegans of Araj migrated south and west. The larger of the groups began arriving in Skycius around the Year 52. Those under the witch Abarrûnal took up residence in this strange and massive city, renaming it in the process to Incubus. A few historians believe the choosing of this name had some connection with Abarrûnal's carnal pleasures with demons.

Today, the city is the capital of the Witch Horde. The population of the city does not come near to filling all the living spaces or using the buildings. As a result some areas of the city become havens for beasts which have to be driven out by the city garrison. At the main gate to the city are a pair of godforged colossus. These mighty constructs have come alive on one occasion, and this was to help defend the place against an Angrod invasion. The attackers suffered badly in this battle, both from the constructs and from an unusual and deadly array of defenses still functioning from the time of the Lith-Crillion. Some have compared Incubus to Aggda, this is only partially true, since the latter has much more potent defenses.

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