RegionNorthern Hordelands
OwnerWitch Horde
Founded14 Brightstar 331 LE

Today better known as Incubus, this hold was founded in 331 LE by a Lith-Crillion researcher unit named Sâlo Tânê 11. They named it Aphenôrî after an alpine lake flower near Urkalzîr. Like other Sâlo Tânê settlements, it was to be a research center for studying sources of magic at places like Achamâz, Radullu, and Yagolorn.

... for then they could focus more on higher studies while the newcomers carried on with menial tasks that most Lith-Crillion detested.

- Arkmus, from his book Gods Among Us - "Aphenôrî Example"

Built on the isle of Hraenar, Aphenôrî is reached by a mile long bridge constructed mostly of earth motes. Needing no supports, it varies in height along the way, one hundred to three hundred feet above the water below. There are thirteen gaps in the bridge covered by towers and drawbridges.

The initial construction of the city was done by Lith-Crillion and several hundred Knudmid. In half a millennia, on the banks of lake Hraenar, grew a city of such grandeur and epic proportions that dragons could freely fly through the largest buildings and stone giants could walk through doorways without hinder.

In 1002 LE, Aphenôrî was sacked by an army of hill and stone giants. The Lith-Crillion took what they could, sealing other literature and relics in the Vaults of Aphenôrî. After enslaving the population, the victors dispatched the Lith-Crillion prisoners; killing those they greatly feared for their arcane skills. The city was abandoned, remaining a ruin until reoccupied in the First Epoch with the arrival of the Theegans.

In the Year 43, the Ak'mrîtun Empire went into a steep decline. Many of its Theegan population migrated south and southwest. In the Year 52, under the witch Abarrûnal, the Theegan took claim of the ruin. It was named Incubus after Abarrûnal's father.

Incubus is the capital of the Witch Horde. At the main gate to the city are a pair of godforged colossus. These mighty constructs have come alive on a dozen occasions, helping end a brutal Angrod siege, driving off storm giant raiders attacking from the back of blue dragons, and destroying the lake kraken that had long terrorized the city.

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