Devolved Sussgurd
Typemedium-sized humanoid
Creation14 Saunas 1498 DE

The Sussgurd were created in the Dawn Era, a time when worlds were being created and girded with life. On the world Osâchar, the Creationist Benevolence established the Sussgurd as one of many mortal defenders that would fight the primordials in the Creation War, and then the demons in the Demon Spawn War.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Sussgurd city-states and empires of Osâchar fell to the Durkoth. They were caught up in the Torc Wars, needed as labor and soldiers. The Sussgurd of old were of higher intellectual potential than those today, yet were still looked down upon by the Durkoth; a people known for very high intelligence. Under Durkoth rule, the Sussgurd became one of the lowest classes of people, reduced to being farmers, soldiers, laborers, and even slaves. They were prevented from engaging in intellectual pursuits, with their overlords intent on them doing the things the Durkoth did not want to do.

In 430 HE, Osâchar was beset by a massive mind flayer invasion. This Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE) began as simple raiding, then an occupation, with those under the yoke of the illithids destined to be brain food. Faced with the prospect of annihilation, or worse - a mind flayer's dining experience, the Durkoth undertook a massive evacuation of their home world. In 537 HE, thousands of Durkoth and nearly 20,000 Sussgurd escaped their beleaguered world in a massive ark called the Shiphis Helas. This voidship was one of four that conveyed their hosts across the Void to the world Bal-Kriav.

In 862 HE, the Sussgurd and their Durkoth masters arrived over the world Bal-Kriav. The Shiphis Helas landed on Gathrot Isle; one of three islands that would become known as Necrocrypt. Aboard this ship were thousands of Durkoth and their seconds, the Hydrocur, and nearly 20,000 Sussgurd. The Sussgurd, overseen by the Hydrocur, both answering to their Durkoth masters, did the heavy work of re-building their civilization, giving rise to the Abâthigûr Empire. Under Molakh-Búle, this empire spread across Necrocrypt and to the western coasts of Straiden. During this time of civilization building, some Sussgurd earned their freedom, becoming merchants, scribes, and administrators for their Durkoth leaders. Even so, the empire's security force, the Hydrocur, kept them under close watch.

In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), Abâthigûr's top class, the Durkoth, mutated. Drawn to the seas, they left those they had long ruled. The Hydrocur, now master-less, became the Sussgurd's new masters. The Sussgurd contested this in the Sussgurd-Necrocrypt Rebellion. Those on Necrocrypt did not fare well, the lucky escaped to the Karnegmoth colonies, the rest fell victims to the numerous undead taking over islands that were now better known as Necrocrypt.

In the First Epoch, the Year 340, the Sussgurd of Karnegmoth's northern coasts, established the Tinnanguth Empire. This nation lasted nearly 500 years. It fell from a dao slave rebellion. The Sussgurd that managed to escape, fled west into Izagunbar. Sussgurd civilization went into a steep decline, and for some yet unknown reason, underwent a de-evolution, becoming savage, brutish and chaotic. Today, the Sussgurd are considered primitive, chaotic as any goblin, living by raiding and pillaging. They have forgot or don't talk of the ways of old, ignoring ecological wisdom, over-hunting, clear-cutting, making little effort to produce for future generations.

Today's Sussgurd are primitive, nothing like those of Tinnanguth, or even the Horgon Empire (159 HE - 537 HE). They breed quickly and in numbers. They have family sizes three times what was once normal. They roam like nomads, respecting no claims to land. Given the time, they will win by sheer numbers.

- from a meeting of the Tusken Council - "Devolved Sussgurd"

When Belgunth seized Sakullêth, she began to absorb the barbaric Sussgurd around her holdings. By 1793, Belgunth had nearly all of the area's Sussgurd under her sphere of control.

Today's Sussgurd are bent on destruction and seem to be guided by the most basic of instincts. The race tends toward chaotic evil. Where they lack in intelligence and wisdom, they make up in strength and stamina. With a stocky build, Sussgurd average 7' tall and weight between 220 pounds to 350 pounds. Unlike their predecessors, the primitive Sussgurd have high birthrates of 3-4 offspring.

Racial Traits
Cave Brute +6 Strength
De-Evolved -2 Intelligence
Lost Heritage -2 Wisdom
Lifespan 300 years
Common Homelands