Trelshum Syndicate

HeadquartersOrias Vual
Fire Giant20%
Symbolmagma ball
Established20 Temporal 1622

The Trelshum Syndicate is a government sponsored business of Goth-Dyvermoir. The company is a conglomerate, having interests in minerals, textiles, covert operations, mercenary forces, and just about any other activity that garners a profit.

The Trelshum Syndicate is believed to be the real power in the empire Goth-Dyvermoir. They have people in all areas of government and in some of the highest positions of the Vinjof Sillodis.

Clandestine Operations Against Engineen

In 1697, the Trelshum Syndicate sponsored a covert operation against Engineen. The operation was a success, and the agents of the company flew away from Angvild with a pair of Void Lurkers and several top engineers of Engineen. This event put the Goth-Dyvermoir on the path to void travel. Four years later, the Goth-Dyvermoir were becoming a menace to realm space, preying heavily on the trade routes of the Deep Six. After punitive raids by the Deep Six, and the economic blockade of the Zharr Rikkaz war, Goth-Dyvermoir agreed to stop state-sponsored pirating against them.

Banned From The Mercantile Exchange

The Trelshum Syndicate has carried out other activities not leading to war, but just as damaging. In 1783, they crippled the economies of Isumbras and Bueratum. The Trelshum Syndicate burned the tobacco harvest of these two empires when they unleashed dozens of magmin in the lands of Pipe Home. Trelshum agents dropped their package of magmin into a volcano, where they spilled forth with the mission of burning the tobacco barns and fields. The conflagration that ensued wrecked the tobacco market, driving prices up. The Trelshum Syndicate benefited from this economic assault by the numerous tobacco futures they had purchased on the Mercantile Exchange. These futures were spread across many companies, both foreign and national, thus tracing the economic attack was a difficult task for the investigators. Several years after this incident, the Mercantile Exchange found enough evidence to ban the perpetrators of this economic attack. The Mercantile Exchange banned any company working for or acting in behalf of the Trelshum Syndicate from holding a position in the market.