Mercantile Exchange

Businessstock exchange
HeadquartersGeingar (c.f. Bueratum)
Alignmentslawful neutral, lawful good
Symbolstock certificates
Established1 Lunar 1752

The people of Pipe Home are renown for their studies in economics and business practices. They established the first national trade center on 1 Lunar 1752. This market is based on speculation for future profitability and success of enterprises.

In 1783, the Mercantile Exchange became an international exchange for Member States. The Member States are many and vary year to year based on the conduct of its members. For instance, the Trelshum Syndicate was banned from the market when they committed an economic attack on the Member State Isumbras and the Bueratum.

The Mercantile Exchange seeks to stabilize trade through fair and competitive pricing, and to provide a means of profiting off the success and even failure of a company. The Member States are responsible for policing the activities of their companies, in exchange they collect oversight fees from businesses operating in their areas of control.

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