Period1804 - 1810
Crimson Eye VS Toomrur Hegemony

In the Year 1800, for services to the Orchish Empire, Crimson Eye was given a large and valuable parcel of land. The value of this real estate came from potentially rich mines, timber, waterways, and a strategic position. The most valuable tract of this area is Branchard. These hills contain a number of great mines like Diamond Pit, Gold Sprite, and Blutium Horn.

Early in the 1700s, the Strategic Resources Division of the High Command put out the order to vacate Branchard. The reason they did this was because it was costing more men and material than what was coming out of the mines. When Crimson Eye took over the area, they soon realized that their "gift" came with strings. This included the constant threat of attack from the ogre and gnoll encampments of southern Branchard. Crimson Eye was to learn from a captives that the mercenaries were under pay of Norgtrum.

In 1802, the Toomrur united under the Toomrur Hegemony. The Toomrur Hegemony sent raiders into the lands of Crimson Eye to test the new owners of land they coveted. In time, after fortifying their lands, and building up a formidable army, Crimson Eye went on the offensive, capturing frontier settlements of the Toomrur Hegemony and taking hold of Gudrall. This was the beginning of the Crimson Offensive. Crimson Eye, along with mercenaries from the Orchish Empire fought a protracted war with trench lines covering a wide area. They fought an army a dozen times larger than their own, mainly from holding strategic positions, and having an army that was super-enhanced from the drug ragnorak. Crimson Eye also had an array of cannonry and several skyships .

The Crimson Offensive ended in 1810 with the Toomrur Hegemony suing for peace. This war is notable in that it was the first fought by a trade company against an empire. Military and political analysts believe that the High Command gave the land to Crimson Eye, Inc. so that they could act as a buffer between the Orchish Empire and the Toomrur Hegemony .

Notable Battles
  • Battle of the Eternal Town
  • Battle of Gudrall