Hollow of Sargos

Void Travellers
Opened5 Lunar 1824

In 1702, the Deep Six merchant ship Ale Barge spotted an anomaly in the Belt of Geb. It was a rock three miles across rock with a hollow center, a mile across. It was unusual to those that saw it, almost like it had been bored out by hand. On close inspection, the captain noted in ship log:

The hollow is a churning void, like looking into the stars and seeing them in a slow-moving whirlpool.

- Sargos, captain of the Ale Barge - "Ship Log 13 Witchrite 1702"

Sargos recorded the location of this discovery, even naming it the Hollow of Sargos. This captain intended to sell this information, but on his return voyage to Citho-Cûr, he and his ship were captured by a Green Orb Weaver under the flag of Arachnidion Empire. The discovery of the Hollow of Sargos was not acted upon, seemingly forgotten in vaults teaming with scrolls and messages speaking of strange things and happenings of the Void.

In 1750, a spy in service to the Suellk Empire, a neogi entrenched in Arachnidion's Alien Affairs division, found the information on the Hollow of Sargos. Fifty years later, in 1802, Arachnidion finally got around to acting upon Captain Sargos's findings. When they arrived at the Hollow of Sargos, they found it occupied by the Suellk. They spent two years fighting for control. This ended with both sides agreeing to share in its use. Together, they then gathered the resources and the void engines to power it up.

On 5 Lunar 1824, Arachnidion and the Suellk, allies of the Drachdekai Pact powered up an ancient rift-making device, providing instant transport to a world it is dialed into. Suellk voidships began crossing distances that normally takes many months, with the Hollow of Sargos it was only a matter of minutes. Dialed into Osâchar, the Suellk home world, the invaders left their home system Asteraoth, passed through a rift to the Hollow of Sargos, emerging in the Quara'tun System. They then joined up with those of Arachnidion's armada, starting the Fifth Suellk Invasion.

The Hollow of Sargos is powered by two dozen lifejammers.