Hollow of Sargos

Void Travellers

In 1702, a Deep Six merchant void vessel, the Ale Barge, spotted an anomaly in the Belt of Geb. A massive asteroid, three miles across had its center hollowed out. This hole is nearly a mile across and twice that in depth.

Staring into it is like gazing into the a churning void, it slowly turned like a planetary whirlpool in slow motion.

- Sargos, captain of the Ale Barge - "Ship Log 13 Witchrite 1702"

Sargos recorded the location of his discovery and named it the Hollow of Sargos. The captain intended to sell information on the location of the Hollow of Sargos to a salvaging company but on his return voyage to Citho-Cûr, the Ale Barge was captured by a Green Orb Weaver of the Arachnidion. Even though this information on the location of the Hollow of Sargos fell into neogi possession, they did nothing with it for a very long time.

In 1750, Suellk spies acquired intel on the location of the Hollow of Sargos. In 1802, a neogi researcher found the old star maps of Sargos. Arachnidion sent a voidship out to investigate and learned that the rock and its spatial gate were now in the hands of the Suellk. A war for control ensued and ended with the two agreeing to share in its use and ravage whatever may lie on the other side.

In 1823, a group called the Scales recovered a Qualith document from an illithid at Thunder Halls.

On 12 Witchrite 1823, a group sponsored by the meddlesome Balance will arrive at Thunder Halls. They call themselves the Scales. They will be responsible for the destruction of the Hollow of Sargos. You must eliminate them or work to get others to do it for you. One the Hollow is activated, our forces will then arrive and begin the subjugation of Quara'tun.

- Serox, of the Temporal Node - "Suellk Fleet Order 5U-RM, 12 Temporal 1824"

As noted by the document's date, it was written in the future and somehow sent back in time. The Scales did not perish at Thunder Halls. They were defeated on another mission and never got the chance to warn anyone of the impending use of the Hollow of Sargos.

In 1824, the alien allies of the Drachdekai Pact had finally built all the void engines needed to power up the Hollow of Sargos. This was done by using dozens of lifejammers - devices getting their power from life draining those placed inside. The Hollow of Sargos draws a lot of energy, thus requiring a constant flow of victims to keep it operational. After the Hollow of Sargos was re-activated, the Suellk and Arachnidion, leading members of the Drachdekai Pact, started jumping across the Void. Their voidships began crossing distances that normally took many months but with the Hollow of Sargos now only takes a matter of minutes. The invaders left the star system Asteraoth and entered the airless expanse of Quara'tun. From somewhere in the Belt of Geb, this predatory fleet emerged and began a war on the peoples of Bal-Kriav, starting the Fifth Suellk Invasion.

It is highly likely that some evil empires will foolishly join forces with the illithids and neogi. Not knowing that they will in turn be devoured by the vile spiders and squid faces when they have dominated all other opposition.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Glass Pacts"