Entropy Fragments

Created22 Artifice 1271 LE

Entropy Fragments are stones that were part of a primordial bastion called the Womb of Entropy. This place was lost in Dawn Era, or left to float through Chaos with no-one on board.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, a primordial named Asoun found the Womb of Entropy. Once inside this place, he began the work of re-opening rifts between Chaos and the Mortal Systems. Up until this time, these rifts had remained sealed since the Creation War. Impervious to magic, Asoun ignored the Convenant's arcane seals and wards, only having to figure out very complex locks. These locks were very tough to crack, each custom made by Abbathor. Asoun had time and resources, spending years to crack the first lock and open the first rift. The second took months, and the third many weeks.

After he opened the third rift, Lith-Crillion research centers, spread across Brucrumus, began to find evidence that something very bad was afoot of the gateways. Their observatories recorded an increase in entropic activity with archons and other creatures of chaos roaming about destroying things. They sent out search parties which found one of these rifts to Chaos. The Lith-Crillion organized a war party, one to be sent on a one-way mission to destroy the Womb of Entropy.

The puissant arcane of the Lith-Crillion coupled with a dozen weave spiders destroyed the Womb of Entropy. When the bastion was destroyed, it blew apart, scattering chaos infused fragments across the universe. These ancient pieces of rock, from a time when primordials and gods walked the realms, are the Entropy Fragments.

- Akad Phaššal, founder of Mêšodaðûz - "Fragments of the Chaos Womb"

Those seeking to imbue magic items and other anomalies with the raw power of chaos seek out entropy fragments. The War of the Fragments was waged over groups vying to secure six entropy fragments.

The most powerful things created from entropy fragments are Entropy Arches. These powerful devices are able to open a rift between systems that not even a weave spider can detect. Normally, the weave spider is the best defense against a rift - it is in their nature to seal any breaches in the Web of Magic.

Properties of entropy fragments are variable, just like chaos. Some creatures are changed after touching them or using them. This could make them chaos infused, whereby their attacks and defenses are far different than normal. Large entropy fragments have been known to affect those around it. There have been cases of monsters swallowing an entropy fragment, which then changed their attacks so that they have an affect equal to warp touch.