Sekbire Pact

MembersBlack Tide of Thasmudayn
Tormoran Federation
Period1832 -

The Sekbire Pact was a military alliance between the Black Tide and the Tormoran Federation. It was forged by Dead Counselor Sekbire, then a second-in-command figure under Dax Jagg. In return for right-of-passage and safe haven in the Tormoran Federation, Black Tide armies were to help the federation capture holdings and territory from the Toomrur Hegemony. The amassed armies of Sekbire Pact were so large, that they started two simultaneous operations. One army group went west and attacked the Toomrur Hegemony . The other army group went east and attacked the armies of the Council of Bile and Celebriän. These two nations were themselves in a military alliance and attacking the Orchish Empire in a war called the Grashakh Front. Grashakh Front was a war within wars; the greater conflict being called the Chaos War. It is widely believed that the Sekbire Pact entered the Chaos War to help relieve some of the pressure on the Orchish Empire. The reason for this was the civil war that erupted in the Orchish Empire when Emperor Blac'drugulois fell at Surkiln. Monty the Mad approached Sekbire at Korbortun and worked out some deal for a military diversion in eastern Grashakh. The Tormoran Federation took this further and attacked the Toomrur Hegemony .

Nobody knows why the Black Tide joined arms with the Tormoran Federation. The Black Tide, based out of Necrocrypt, was far from their territories and fighting near the heart of Brucrumus. They employed oceanic ships, river barges and ships, skyships , and teleportation magic to move their troops and supplies to eastern Grashakh. They used the Viiz Bo to come north from the bay Veysed Vaal. Once in eastern Grashakh they either marched west to Korbortun or east to Khatúlg. This conflict instigated by the Sekbire Pact became known as the Lich Front.