Kamlêth-Girân Clone Unit 214
CategoryCrack Units
Nithian (clones)100%
Symbolblack shaded circle
Established2 Bloom 1721

In 1721, the Grand Visionary of Tamlêrran foresaw a time in the not too distant future, when the young nations of Brucrumus would attack Tamlêrran. As a result, the Zenduram set to building a crack army of soldiers. They selected the best soldier, obedient, disciplined, and practiced in war, and used him as a model for the rest of the army. They used devices called the Clone Tanks to make this army.

The cloning process was slow at first, yet by 1820, a vast army of crack soldiers had been born from hundreds of cloning vats. Some are lost in training, or repelling incursions from the Artaxertus and the Cinderfall, but the main body, the Kamlêth-Girân waits the day when they will face the young nations from Brucrumus.

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