Duplicity Period

Periods1529 - 1538

From 1529 to 1538, or the Duplicity Period, those of evil nature and/or criminal intent were greatly helped in deceiving their victims. A powerful spell masked certain divination magic and as a result people were cheated, lied too, and a few noble creatures fell from grace (c.f. Manjular).

In 1529, Neld-Rac invoked a powerful spell on all mortals of Bal-Kriav. This spell drew on the energy emanating from the Chaos Malestrom. This was needed because even he has a Higher Power did not have the power to evoke this ancient spell. When the spell finished, for ten years on the world Bal-Kriav, detect alignments, magical disguises, and similar divination magic usually failed or produced incorrect results.

The Balance was furious with Neld-Rac's violation of the Mandate of the Heavens; rules they must all adhere to if they are not to fall victim to Chaos and its primordials. They were greatly concerned with Neld-Rac's use of a forbidden spell, one thought destroyed and forgotten called the Wind of Duplicity.

It took the Balance and their minions almost a decade to find a means of reversing the spell. They pooled their collective divine power, demoting Neld-Rac to the rank of Minor Power for 250 years.

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