Monument of Šadullu

Monument of Šadullu
Built5 Temporal 8780 GE

The Monument of Šadullu is an area of structures built by the gods Silvanus and Danzar-Khâl. It records the great battle between the gods and the Nine Tongued Worm. It also has passages like this one of the destruction of Šadullu.

Šadullu was sheared and then broken apart, chunks with lakes, mountains, and blocks of land a naked eye could not see the other side, drifted upward to the gaping rift of the Nine Tongued Worm. Silvanus, Danzar-Khâl, and I launched an attack on the beast forcing it to close the churning rift in its gut. In this battle it was not only driven off, but came to be known among the angels as the "Nine Tongued Worm Less One".

- Bal-Kriav, from the Monument of Šadullu

These passages were inscribed in Dawn Era by Silvanus, Danzar-Khâl and others. They fill dozens of obelisks of petrified wood and pillars of adamantine with their Supernal runes.

The Monument of Šadullu was constructed after the Creation War, since the area up until that time was behind enemy lines. The monuments are not the only things of interest in the area. The pools here are also magical, with some being holy water, others curative, and some providing long-term boons or permanent enhancements. In 1641, water from one of the curative pools was used to reverse the effects of a talaxan that had become a vampire. This was done by her lover and a group of holy knights. They flew the coffin of the spoiled soul to the Monument of Šadullu and then used magic to bind the Lady Enešai and keep her from turning gaseous. At the apex of Opulent Eye,

We pulled her from her prison and then bathed her in the waters of the Tears of Saints, all while Enešai struggled to break the magic binding her and bite those holding her down. Enešai was cured of vampirism and marked with the Rune of Redemption, something that will bolster her defenses against future evil temptations.

- Samandiriel, talaxan Shield Dictum of Ares - "Soul Recovery"

It is also said that the curative pools have a high chance of curing the worst of ailments, like advanced mummy rot, corpse spoil, and poisoning from Thasmudyans Bile.

Another pool in the area is called the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl. The waters of this pool are very dangerous to the undead. In 1711, the Last Saints of Gûn attacked Katrana Dumu-loc in the palace chambers of Phanêthil. They slipped in using magic and carried out a plan five years in the making. They broke the many wards protecting the palace from teleportation and then opened a teleportation circle back to their holy citadel One Hammer of Light. Knights, priests, masters of slaying undead, and crack soldiers stormed into the area and took up defenses against the undead moving to protect their Lich Empiress. Katrana's first thought was escape, but the area was locked down by psionicists preventing all modes of teleportation, phasing, etherealness, and astral travel. She had to battle the soldiers of One Hammer of Light and the Last Saints of Gûn. These saints were three holy figures Katrana murdered after the capture of Maharâg, many years later they were resurrected and thereafter dedicated themselves to destroying undead and bringing down the Black Tide. Katrana was trapped and lacked the soldiers to hold out long enough before her undead hordes could make their way into the palace. She was killed by weapons dripping with the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl. This holy water made it so that she was unable to find her phylactery for 99 years.

When Katrana fell reeling from the Sweat of Danzar-Khâl, the Last Saint Kûl Sizdu said:

This will not kill her, but will begin the division and then downfall of the Black Tide.

- Kûl Sizdu, of the Last Saints of Gûn - "Divide and Conquer"

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