Class5th priest / 12th true necromancer / 10th warrior of darkness
RaceCambion Elderaunt (Taln'nazân Wraith-Queen)
TitleRuler of Sakullêth
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeityRioch Tetrax
Born9 Temporal 1464
Undead17 Lunar 1771

Belgunth Bloodtusk is the daughter of Jairall Bloodtusk and the succubus Vivalin. She came to power in the dreaded swamp Nelthack. Serving in the army of the yuan-ti dictator Miivid, she quickly rose in power. In 1741, she attempted a military coup and failed. She was then imprisoned for life, serving thirty years until almost perishing. She prayed to Rioch Tetrax and was given a choice, eternal service to him, or undeath to battle Miivid the Dark. She took the latter.

On 17 Lunar 1771, during a dark, moonless night, the moon Deaths Kindle shed its purple aura on the lands of Bal-Kriav. That night, the prison housing Belgunth was attacked by spectres, wraiths and ghosts. A wraith killed Belgunth, adding the victim to what became known as the Roving Death Squad. The wraith that slew Belgunth was no normal undead. It was an unholy creature infused with powerful negative energy, carrying the blessing of Rioch Tetrax. Belgunth was infused with this blessing, rising the next night as a Taln'nazân Wraith-Queen. She proved her sinister cunning and combat prowess, rising to lead those that had slain her. She explored the tombs and graveyards of the yuan-ti and set to raising a horde of skeletons, zombies, and ghouls. Her necromantic powers grew, and her fetish for spreading disease made her name feared by the ruling Miivid family. This time it was the sibling of her previous employer who would face her. Many battles were fought by the Tomb Bearers (army of Belgunth) and the armies of Miivid the Terrible. Those that died, joined the ranks as undead soldiers of Belgunth. In 1790, Belgunth captured Sakullêth.