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Grongak was founded by the Tharag clan. The families of this ancient clan built Grongak to serve as a forward trading post and bastion for protecting the area's numerous iron mines.

Grongak was the northern-most city-state of the dwarven clans dwelling in the Karnegmoth area of the Elephant Backbone. When the dwarves started having conflicts with the Tinnanguth, this city was built up to be one of the most imposing fortifications in the region. In 415 LE, Aphalur and Grongak were united under an empire called Akthol-Tharag.

In 1703, Rilirthad destroyed the place. The northern part of the ruin is a towering pile of rubble. This area was the city's northern wall. When the Delvarhaast chasm was created, part of this wall fell into it.

Akthol-Tharag built a road that skirts the ruins on its way to Ambaratel. They do not build anew at the ruins due to their fallen brothers that lie entombed in this area.

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