Ship of the Line SOL

CategorySailing Ships

Ships of the Line are a class of war ships. These ships are often heavily armed and the pride of a nation's navy. Because of their high cost and long construction time, an empire will normally not have more than 3 or 4 1st Rate ships, 8 to 12 2nd Rate ships, and varying numbers of lesser ships of the line. Rate refers to the sub-class of ship, and based only on the number of guns she carries.

1st Rate45 gunsbattleships, three-deckers, main fleet flagships
2nd Rate40 gunscruisers, three-deckers
3rd Rate26 gunsdestroyers, two-deckers, the mainstay of battle fleets
4th Rate19 gunssee frigate
5th Rate9 gunscorvettes, which can also be rowed
6th Rate4 gunspursuers, small auxiliary and courier vessels for the fleet