Class15th wizard / 10th pale master
RaceCambion Hobgoblin
TitleMaster of Liches, Leader of Wight Drakon, Second Dead
Alignmentlawful evil
Born17 Temporal 1755
Died8 Witchrite 1832

Sekbire was a leader of Wight Drakon, one of the cells of the Cult of Worms. He had the honorary title Master of Liches, which is usually a title reserved for head priest of a city's Church of Thasmudyan. He was also a member of the Second Dead Council from 1812 to 1832.

In 1832, he forged the Sekbire Pact between the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and the Tormoran Federation.

On 8 Witchrite 1832, Sekbire was at AvalĂȘ. In these ruins he was preparing corpses for transport and bolstering the undead guarding the area. An adventuring group named Trauma Squad came into the ruins and started battling his undead. He sent a mental summons to a nearby Harvester which sped to extract him from his perilous situation. He did not have a word of recall or any other means of escape so he hunkered down and waited as the adventurers blasted their way through his forces. When they burst into the great hall, he and his powerful undead guards fought for a long time, but then he realized that he had no chance against the crack adventurers, so he fled up stairs and then out of the place using an ethereal jaunt spell. Trauma Squad pursued him across the ruins as he made his way to a just arriving Harvester. From the ship's mid-deck, Sekbire was provided covering fire by a unit of ju-ju archers called Black Rain. For ground protection, a unit of 20 ghasts were deployed along with a death knight. They made a vain attempt to cover their master's escape. The Harvester's arrival was followed by a void battleship of the Ba'lith. This behemoth, the Pillar of Horns was being commanded by Emperor Raxcvillibus. The battleship made quick work of the Harvester, thus preventing Sekbire from fleeing the battlefield. Sekbire was cut down by Trauma Squad and it is said his last words to his killer were:

I'll put a good word in for you, with the demons.

- Syrtis, excerpt from the "Annals of Trauma Squad"

The corpse of Sekbire was taken aboard the Pillar of Horns. It is thought that either Rax sought information from the dead Sekbire or perhaps to make sure that he won't be brought back from the dead.