... off to find "riches" in Nym-Zoedine
RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth
Created4 Bloom 1648 HE

Nym-Zoedine is a vast unnatural glacier in one of Olmi Hjark's great vales. It covers a great area on the surface, and even bigger one the Underdark beneath it. This glacier was created by a conclave of Glangveif warlocks. They used the soul energy of a thousand slaves, powering up the primordial artifact Onaidreds Quill. On 4 Bloom 1648 HE, this ancient device was turned on an army of 8,000. This hobgoblin force was led by an Erinyes named Zoedine; one of the famed war maidens of Dispaters Concubines. Not only did this artifact freeze solid the entire army in ice, it changed the land to one of snow and ice, a great block that some consider no more than a glacier like the one at Anzar. Onaidreds Quill was also entombed in ice. There have been attempts to find it, but these have failed. It is said the area within hundreds of feet of the artifact is so cold that even those most resistant to cold find their defenses lacking.

Nym-Zoedine covers a surface area approaching 7,800 square miles. The icy area beneath is much bigger. It descends for thousands of feet, filling great caverns with ice and chill. On the surface of this ice formation, the northern tracts are claimed by the Bazandaggûl. Far beneath in the Underdark sector Garathral, the Umahanbad city Gûman-Khâl stakes a claim over the passages that lead south to the Great Tradeway and those west in the direction of the Cthorgo sea.

Spreading from the surface sector Inirthak to its sub-surface sector Garathral, there are numerous ice tunnels and deeper within great chambers. The sheer number of them, going off in all directions, up and down with chutes and ramps makes it obvious that this is no mine. Some call this place Zoedines Lair. Those that come digging here are not mining for ore, but an army of frozen soldiers, each said to be laden with the spoils of war. With a finder's fee of a million gold, the greatest hope of these treasure hunters is finding Onaidreds Quill. For many competition, and predatory forces make these treasure hunts deadly. Some find themselves caged in the Gûman-Khâl's slave market.

On the surface, the northern tracts of this area are claimed by the independent city-state Bazandaggûl. This city is home to a federation of stone giants, Turkûn, and goliath. They do their best, and without violence, deterring treasure seekers from entering the glacier.

Nym-Zoedine is home to dire cave bears, yeti, frost giants, white dragons and other icy brutes. All of the area's frost giants are Glangveif descendants.