Sea Tunnel

LocationDistance toLocation
Typhoon Nexus427 milesDragon Tongue
Dragon Tongue580 milesSea Breach
Sea Breach3,002 milesNíngoth
SE to NW Points of the Sea Tunnel
Built1 Lunar 2185 DE
Mapvaries by feature

The Sea Tunnel was created in the Dawn Era by Sathel. With the help of an artifact of creation, the Baton of Sathel, an extra-dimensional canal was built, linking two distant oceans on the extreme ends of the Brucrumus mainland. It served to move Covenant armies quickly against the primordials besieging Bal-Kriav in the Creation War.

The main entry point to the Sea Tunnel is in the southeast at the whirlpool Typhoon Nexus. The exit point is a reverse whirlpool, thousands of miles away at Níngoth. Along its southeast to northwest flow, there are a number of access points. The Dragon Tongue is a small reverse whirlpool that draws travelers (boats, swimmers, or anything caught in it) upwards where they are deposited in the Yatúrz lake. In sector Celedhrel, there is the Sea Breach. This is a sheer rift that that plunges 1500' into the Sea Tunnel. The only way to get down to the fast flowing sea below is by flying or jumping down into it; a fall which would kill most creatures.

One can see stand on the edge of the Sea Breach for days and see nothing but flowing water. Sometimes you are harassed by harpies and wyverns, but if you are lucky you may be amazed, and perhaps befuddled, when you see a ship sailing north by west along the Sea Tunnel.

- Phoslomor, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of Midrêth, Ch. 3-2"

In 1209 HE, the Bael Turath merchant ship Trielasog explored the Sea Tunnel. They entered this anomaly at the Typhoon Nexus and came out when they hit a towering column of water spinning upwards. They were pulled out of the Sea Tunnel into the surface lake Yatúrz.

In 344, Mezrack settlers from Arcana entered the Sea Tunnel at Níngoth. They recorded the water flowing opposite of what it is today, that is a southeasterly course as opposed to its current northwesterly route. After leaving the Sea Tunnel at the Typhoon Nexus the settlers sailed north into Klo'nah Lomok where they established the settlement Ilbaragûn.

In 1078, a fleet of merchant ships left Vorangrith for Nápoldë. While crossing the southeastern waters of Edhelviel, they encountered a tropical storm sending ten vessels into Azrinn'nûr where they were presumed lost. The ships found themselves drawn into a whirlpool and taken along the Sea Tunnel. They exited it when they were drawn up a whirlpool and into the waters off the coasts of Enkii Jusk.

In 1805, the Wayfarers (commissioned by Paradomea XI Exploration) were mapping the coasts of Enkii Jusk when they discovered a great whirlpool (the Typhoon Nexus) leading to the Sea Tunnel. They reported that the current of the Sea Tunnel was flowing northwesterly at a rapid pace.

At first glance it appeared to be nearly a half-mile in diameter. The Zimantîn approached the anomaly and was caught in a whirlpool twice the size of what it appeared.

The ship was drawn into the vortex, emerging in a tube of churning water. She was taken northwest along a wide and fast flowing sea tunnel.

The journey along the Sea Tunnel was not without peril, as several rogue waves, appearing out of nowhere and swept the decks. Some sailors were lost and since we could not stop, went to the halls of Poseidon. A few attacks were made by dragon turtles and flying beasts, damaging the ship and further reducing the crew. We also passed several towering columns that spiraled upward. The first of these is called the Dragon Tongue. It is only taken by accident, because you end up in lake and are marooned.

After three days, the Zimantîn was pulled into a another whirlpool. This one flowed upward to the surface. It pulled the ship upwards in a great funnel of water, depositing us in the heart of Azrinn'nûr.

- Xerseen Zleek-Farr, Captain of the Zimantîn, "Ships Log"

The Sea Tunnel has become a major sea lane of Midrêth. A ship can go from the coasts of Enkii Jusk to Azrinn'nûr in a fraction of the time it would take with the circuitous route around Brucrumus. Along the Sea Tunnel are eddies, whirlpools and water spouts like the one Bael Turath used in 1209 HE. These spouts, whirlpools, and other exits from the Sea Tunnel, only go one way, so they are hardly ever used. The entry point to the Sea Tunnel is Typhoon Nexus, while the exit point is Níngoth.


The Sea Tunnel is best described as an extra dimensional passage. Those traveling along the Sea Tunnel frequently have dreams of the past and glimpses of possible futures.

Travel Time

It takes 2-4 days for a ship to cross the Sea Tunnel. The time to travel is random for every ship that enters this anomaly. A ship cannot change speed while in the Sea Tunnel, though it can maneuver by sail and rudder.


The Tube is the area of the Sea Tunnel where water flows, winds blow, ships move, and fish swim along. The Tube is several hundred feet in diameter, entirely made of seawater, and dimly lit by a eerie turquoise bio-luminance. It is roughly 4,000 miles long. Some ships have recorded fog banks in the Sea Tunnel that took them into a seemingly endless ocean for weeks and sometimes months, whereupon another fog bank appeared and they are returned to the Sea Tunnel.

In 1624, the Eracoy, a ship of our pirate fleet, either from loss of crew to competently man her, or perhaps out of boldness, steered clear of the fog bank. We waited a week in the isles of Azrinn'nûr. The Eracoy never surfaced at Níngoth. Let this be a warning mariners, if you are taken by the fog bank, then return to it when it appears again.

- Singad-Sin, of the Pirate Lords, ship's log - "Loss of the Eracoy"


The entrance to the Sea Tunnel is by way of the whirlpool called Typhoon Nexus. The Sea Tunnel exit is at the Níngoth water funnel. Níngoth is sited somewhere between the thousands of islands of Azrinn'nûr.

Both whirlpools have an area of effect of 1 mile, yet the swirling water appears to start at half this distance. Any ship entering the area of effect can make a navigation check at -2. If near the Typhoon Nexus, failure results in the ship being pulled into the Sea Tunnel. While at Níngoth, the ship is pushed towards the Breaker Reefs. Ships cannot enter the Níngoth whirlpool from the surface, the current is too strong and will force the ship away from the churning waters rising upward from seemingly nowhere.