Springs of Sehanine

Cresting Vats
RegionHigh Wood Country
Built17 Saunas 1562

In the Second Epoch, the High Wood Quake devastated an area of northern Voternil. This resulted in the desertification of a slither of the Taurquion forest and the creation of the wasteland Baranarth. In 1562, priestesses of the god Sehanine, traveled to the world Cresting Spires and brought back three clusters of Cresting Vats. They were able to do this because of a deal struck between Sehanine and Poseidon. This deal stipulated that water would flow from the Cresting Spires to wherever the Cresting Vats were put on Bal-Kriav. One of the points of this contract also said that from time to time water elementals would come through the vats and that no measures should be taken to restrict their occasional use of these rifts.

On Bal-Kriav, Sehanine's priestesses placed clusters of Cresting Vats in and about the wasteland Baranarth. There goal is obvious, to rejuvenate the wasteland and perhaps in a thousand years return it to verdant forest like it was before the High Wood Quake.

Cresting Vats are primordial devices built in the Creation War as a means of getting troops to faraway systems. They come in pairs with one permanently fixed on Cresting Spires and the other somewhere else. On Bal-Kriav, the three clusters of them in the High Wood Country are collectively called the Springs of Sehanine.