Shinszelmoggit is a wealthy Svirfneblin family of central Faeglor. The family came into notoriety early in the beginnings of Isan-Kun. After moving to Mulun-Dûna, they purchased the farming rights to areas along the Favánë River.

In Mulun-Dûna, the Shinszelmoggits turned to pig farming and growing surface vegetables in the open skies of Izen'nâth. To dwellers of the Underdark, surface foodstuffs, including pigs raised in the open sky, is an exotic foodstuff. The trade revenue garnered from these exotic foodstuffs made the Shinszelmoggit's one of the wealthiest families of the region.

In 1719, the Shinszelmoggits purchased the deed for Laughing Hairfoot and Fermin. They paid a very large sum for a dead mine and a small town, but what few knew is that in the deepest reaches of Laughing Hairfoot are portals to Granitoid. Even though Laughing Hairfoot is a dead mine, the portals lead into another realm, where the purity of silver veins are twice what they were back in Laughing Hairfoot. When the halflings discovered the mines and couldn't believe their luck, they called them the Laughing Hairfoot mines. Now, it was the Shinszelmoggits who were laughing at the deal they scored. The mines of Granitoid became known as the Laughing Pipes. These mines are dangerous and require a strong security detail. This has been curbed some with the growing friendship between the miners and a dozen or so earth elementals .