Military - Galadriël

StateGaladriël Kingdom


Sorimo is the main army of the Galadriël Kingdom. In 1539, this army joined the Holy Quinary, fighting in all the major battles of the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551).


Voldanwen is an elven expeditionary force garrisoned at Hanthaerion.

In 1506, the Voldanwen allied with the Slafknara Rangers, becoming the Shields of Iraktharbhun. The goals of both was the restoration of the Galadriël Kingdom, destroy the Black Tide, and bring unity to the peoples they protected.

In 1531, they battled alongside the Golden Elite in the Siege of Fell Post (c.f. Fell Post). In the Athenian Crusade, they gained great renown in the Severed Neck Battle and in many other battles that followed.