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Phollûmâ is a network of linked holy bastions spanning Cairn Ascent. It is one of the Covenant Holy Bastions constructed to counter the demon invasions of the Demon Spawn War. Phollûmâ was built between two problematic areas where demons were coming into this realm. The problem area on the surface was Ladneg and its armies under Demogorgon. The one in the Underdark was Curatoch and its forces under the demon lord Athroond. Forces stationed at Phollûmâ sought to keep the demons of these two areas from joining together.

After the Demon Spawn War, Phollûmâ in the hands of a holy order called Ishtu Irrai. This order, once a crack organization of angels, holy archons and gods, is now run by battle-hardened mortals that carry on the just cause of those that came before them.

Phollûmâ is warded by extremely powerful sigils placed on them by angels and gods. Inside the place are demon slaying weaponry, Valhalla Sarcophagi, ancient relics of the Dawn and God Eras, the Purity Forge, and an army of guardians to defend the place should it ever be breached. Some of the areas of Phollûmâ have been sealed off since the God Era; not even the Ishtu Irrai dare enter them. In the God Era, the Wardens of Bal-Kriav were headquartered in one of these areas.

Phollûmâ may seem impenetrable, but in the Horgon Era, a fomorian conjurer named Khushnír found a way in. He did not tarry around long, because the guardians were on him and his group within minutes of their breach. Khushnír made off down a side passage and into a library. He grabbed a sackful of tomes and scrolls and then somehow got out of the place, and it was not by teleport or other dimensional travel since the place is known to be sealed by a Travel Impenetrability Ward. A decade after this incident, Khushnír used one of the tomes he absconded with to create what is now known as the Vortices of Khushnír.

We of the Council of Divine Oversight, are of the belief that it was you Ptah who helped Khushnír escape with the books, since your follower could not have been lucky and just happened to pick the right books, and those written by you. This matter is of grave concern to us, but since we have no proof and the outcome was good for the people of Phiyel, we have decided to close this case, but be warned, the Divine Mandate is in place for a reason.

- Council of Divine Oversight, excerpt from the Divine Violations, "Phollûmâ Breach"

Phollûmâ is a Focus of Holy. The means that any good aligned creature that battles evil here gains the ability to Smite Evil on every hit.

In 1832, the Valhalla Sarcophagi were used to reincarnate Trauma Squad.

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