Trauma Squad Hulkurân Zagar

TypeAdventuring Group
AliasHulkurân Zagar
Chisel ShinszelmoggitSyrtis Ved'jusk
DoormanTangûk Kazanîr
Kavdas UrkuzirThe Gold Spider
MadbashZytra Baenghym
Established13 Temporal 1830

In 1830, the lands of Cinazan, most of which is under the watch of the Khazarkar Empire, was beset by the Flux Pact. This brought the Khazarkar Empire into the Cinazan Front, and the Chaos War.

Codenamed Hulkurân Zagar by the Church of Set, this band of heroes was formed in Hulkurân. Under the guidance of the lich exarch Tanazarân, they were one of several groups, the Maul Seekers, sent out to finding ancient relics that when brought together have the power to destroy an Entropy Arch. The purpose of this final weapon was the destruction of the Entropy Arch inside the occupied titan citadel of Garaldrarg.

In 1832, Hulkurân was sacked by forces serving the Flux Pact. Tanazarân was killed in this attack and replaced by another agent that went by the name High Seeker of Relics. He sent the Hulkurân Zagar to an ancient ruin in the Aerie of Dragons. At Froglem, they were seeking parts to a staff that would reveal the location of various relics. In the ancient ruin Froglem, they were wiped out when they encountered a powerful black dragon and a team of Conclave wizards, including the High Seeker of Relics; a double agent serving both the Eldritch Conclave and the Pharzîmrâth.

Revived by phylactery, Tanazarân went looking for his missing team. Finding their discarded bones, he convinced the dragon to stand aside or suffer the full wrath of Arcana. Tanazarân, himself a double agent, one working for the Tarkazgir and the Ishtu Irrai, took the bones to Phollûmâ. In this Covenant Holy Bastion he revived them in the Valhalla Sarcophagi. They were reincarnated them with their minds intact, but with the skills and abilities of a hero soul from Valhalla. It came at a cost. As his body was consumed by holy flames, they heard him singing the Valhalla Battle Prayer:

Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother. My sisters and my brothers. Lo, there do I see my people. Back to the beginning. Lo, there do they call to me. And ask me to take my place. In the Halls of Valhalla. Where the brave may live forever.

- Valhalla Battle Prayer

The Hulkurân Zagar, now much different in their abilities and appearances, renamed themselves to something more fitting for being changed and manipulated by enemy and questionable agents. Now calling themselves Trauma Squad, they were assigned a new agent named Migarzôn; a close friend of Tanazarân.

Later in 1832, they were sent to Torazan Sanctum to track down and bring back the High Seeker of Relics and to recover a relic to be used in bringing to bear the Sig Mak Gan. At Torazan Sanctum, the group suffered devastating losses, losing several of its founding members. After bringing in new recruits, they succeeded in taking over Torazan Sanctum, plundering the labyrinth of its riches, finding the Scion Stump of Lukoon, and a gold clockwork that was the key to entering a secret labyrinth under Imrik. They returned the High Seeker of Relics to the Pharzîmrâth where he was delivered in sacrifice to Set.

Later in the same year, Trauma Squad was sent to Avalê. In this ruined Urkuzir keep, was a family relic that unknown to the Urkuzirs, was also one of the items sought by the Maul Seekers. At Avalê, the party fought through a horde of powerful undead and several demons. They learned from the number of corpses in the area and the strong garrison, that the Black Tide of Thasmudyan were harvesting bodies from the Cinazan Front and storing them at Avalê before they could be taken away by Harvesters. In their final battle of Avalê, Trauma Squad dispatched a member of the Second Dead Council named Sekbire. In the ruins of Avalê, they found the item they were sent for, the Shield of Thular-Tûr.

In Hollow 1833, Trauma Squad headed for Imrik in search of the last piece needed to create the Sig Mak Gan.

A month later, rumors were spreading that the most storied of the Maul Seekers, fell in a great battle. They battled mind flayers, fire giants and demons over a half-mile of tunnels and chambers. The report was highly accurate, even describing three survivors and two dead in tow, backed into a great chamber housing a Cerberus Pup. It was here that the fire giants stopped the pursuit, instead taking up seats in a grand view box, spectators of a great three-headed hound, blood of Cerebrus, Terror of Frellrar, tear into the beleaguered heroes.

It is a short-term hit to morale, Conclave misinformation. I can assure you the Hulkurân Zagar are alive, and nearing their goal. They will arrive in time to shatter Chaos's anchor.

- Migarzôn, from a intelligence hearing before the Pharzîmrâth - "1833, 6T78 Analysis"

Former Members
Laban-Tîrkilled in Geledh