RegionNorthern Hordlands
Class15th shaman / 5th demonologist
TitleHigh Witch of the Witch Horde
Alignmentlawful neutral / chaotic neutral (split personality)
DeityAres, Demogorgon
Born10 War March 1785
Died22 Witchrite 1829

Arhibess led the Witch Horde from 1809 to 1829. She followed the religious principles of the war god Ares and the demon lord Orcus. Her reasons for following two Higher Powers was solely for personal gain and a split personality. This personality affected the way she led the empire, fluctuating between lawful governance and chaos.

In 1823, she mobilized her Theegan empire for a grand war in the name of Ares. Unfortunately, the empire was not on the best military footing because of her previous military cut-backs and history of purging those who offended her in even the slightest. The largest hold to fall to her armies was Helmstar. This led to the formation of the Luran Alliance the starting of the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829 ).

At the Battle of Cactii, Arhibess was killed by Cathandril. When she died, her last spell became perpetual, and is now called the Breath of Arhibess.

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