Drachmon Lherzolite-Tun III

Raceabomination (Primordial, Entropic Shapeshifter)
AliasLherzolite-Tun III
Alignmentchaotic evil
TitleDao Khan - Rilirthad
RankPrimordial Lord
Primordial Lord14 Temporal 1810

Drachmon is the progeny of one of the Creation War’s greatest primordial lords, the Nine-Tongued Worm. This aberrant monstrosity was a creature of pure chaos, staunchly against the powers of creation, stuff that led to the creation of worlds, systems, and everything that goes in them. As such, he viewed rogue primordials that used such powers as something to be dealt with after they were victorious in the Creation War.

In one of the battles between the gods and the primordials, the Nine-Tongued Worm almost consumed the continent Šadullu. He was driven off by the archangel Silvanus, and the gods Danzar-Khâl and Bal-Kriav. In this epic fight between the gods and one of the top primordials, the Nine-Tongued Worm lost one of its tongues. The severed tongue fell through the clouds, smashing through the heart of a shattered continent and into the ocean below. Beaten, but not killed, the Nine-Tongued Worm was forced to close the rift that was its mouth, and withdraw back to Chaos. After this fight, Sphere 411, a world that would later take the name Bal-Kriav, became one of the front-line worlds of the Creation War.

The severed tongue remained alive, growing ever so slowly over the next two eras, becoming a body that could morph into any form, a champion of chaos of the mortal realm. As a shapeshifter, he took the positions of important figures, executing them and taking over their lives with near undetectable precision. Those who suspected him, disappeared, eliminated by him, or his growing number of followers. For a time, he would rule over the empire Tinnanguth, intentionally putting in policies that would lead to its downfall.

He reminisces for a moment, remembering taking out Tinnanguth's last true leader, impersonating the one he killed as if he were the victim's clone. Drachmon's rule would be Tinnanguth's last: an empire brought down by an imposter, the spawn of one of the Creation War's most dangerous primordial lords.

- from the Godspawn Saga

After Tinnanguth came the empire Rilirthad. He killed the reigning Khan, Lherzolite-Tun III, then took the shape of his body, matched his manners, leading this nation of earthen for a little over two centuries (c.f. 1606 - 1809).

During Drachmon's ("Lherzolite-Tun III") reign over Rilirthad, large swathes of Cinduk became otherworldly. They came to be more like areas found on the elemental ring worlds bordering Chaos. He created the much-feared slithermorphs; beasts that shape change between being a black pudding and a lizard. They enforced his will, stalking the back streets of his holds, spying and assassinating, moving between his many dominions along the Khan's Passages. These creatures are a product of his blood infused into giant Underdark lizards.

In late 1809, seeing the Karnegmoth Cataclysm having its limits, and being actively opposed by the goddess Lokestant, Drachmon decided it was time to take the game to the next level. He left for the Chaos system, and after proving that he was a progeny of the Nine-Tongued Worm, was made a primordial lord on 14 Temporal 1810. Over the next 22 years, he went about looking for soldiers. It was only after he got the services of Ingegenn did his recruitment drive pick up. By 1832, they had assembled a massive army of chaos, and planned an invasion of Bal-Kriav.

As a newly made primordial lord, you have to go out and build an army. There is no central command structure, or organization in Chaos, just petty holds scattered across a sea of entropy. Welcome to Chaos.

- Ingegenn, to Drachmon - "Recruitment Drive"

Drachmon's normal form is that of a primordial abomination with the body of a serpent and four long sinewy arms. Two of his hands are bestial with wicked talons, the other two are more dexterous with one with five fingers and the other with seven fingers. He has been seen simultaneously wielding the great sword Bleeberghast and casting spells with the other hands.

Drachmon is an upstart primordial lord seeking to bring back the might of the primordials that was lost in the Creation War. He is considered to be the cause of the Cinazan Front.

At the heart of a universe, one roiling with raw Chaos in a myriad of forms, shapes, and energies, an army is on the move. At the head of this horde, an upstart primordial lord is seated on a throne the size of a small hill. This lord of Chaos is normally only nine feet tall, a third of what this throne was built for. This doesn't matter for him as an entropic shapeshifter, because he can take on shapes and masses far greater than his natural form. For the past five years, he has been in the form of a thirty-foot-tall primordial monstrosity, a giant-sized biped unrefined in appearance. He has six limbs; two massive lobster-like pincers, one pink and one red; two tentacles, one like a whip and the other with suckers; and two humanoid arms, one ending in six fingers and the other with five.

- from the Godspawn Saga