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Orchish Empire VS Golden Elite

During the reign of the Farinteen Empire, Atturgad was a strategic bastion on the shores of Hruki. It guarded the Bloodguard Pass. This pass cuts through the Raganbiraks and leads to the northern approaches of Phanax. When the Farinteen Empire was destroyed, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan gave the fortress and the guard of the pass to the Orchish Empire. The exchange was for orc aid during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). Command of the keep fell to an illrigger death knight named Lazarus the Accursed. The garrison consisted of Roringrak troops.

To test the mettle of their forces, and open up the roads bypassing Hruki, the adventuring band Golden Elite assembled an army to retake the place. A bitter siege ensued, many casualties occurred among the goodly attackers, but "righteousness overtakes might". The rainy and cloudy day looked like a portent of disaster for the goodly forces of the Golden Elite. Fortunately, this was only the act of nature. The massive doors of Atturgad were breached, and the goodly forces stormed into the castle. The greatest spectacle was a combat of true knightly fashion. Galtrag on his paladin's mount, and Lazarus mounted on a nightmare, exchanged lance attacks and then turned to their blades. Athena, ever watchful of her faithful knight Galtrag, was obviously praying for his victory, for Lazarus made several foolhardy moves, and suffered for his folly. Lazarus was slain in honorable combat. Upon his death, the skies cleared, and the rays of Merioss and Khâls Forge shined upon the conquering army of the Golden Elite.

After this battle, the Orchish Empire threatened to send a large army against the place unless the Golden Elite paid exorbitant reparations to the orcs. The payment was never made, and why should it, the Orchish Empire was far away and would never be able to back-up their threats. The place was renamed back to Atturgad. It was the first victory of an army that would one day be the core for the holy armies that fought in the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551).

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