Founded13 Temporal 222 HE
Local MapHarknori Reach

Harknori is an ancient fire giant city founded by the Hofthorm. When this kingdom fell, Harknori became a city-state for a time. It has changed hands many times over the ensuing ages, becoming a holding of a kingdom, satrap, or returning to being a city-state.

Harknori is fortified holding built on the northeastern slopes of Guldat. It is one of the more wealthy settlements of the Hlimi Kingdoms. Most of this wealth is garnered from the farm lands of Falgar. The development of this farm area led to a change from a subsistence economy to a mercantile one. This led to the establishment of merchant houses and companies and a reduction in clannish interests. The merchants and bankers of Harknori usually finance the wars between the Hlimi Kingdoms and foreign powers. In Harknori, gold rules, so the kingdom tries to remain neutral in the region's conflicts.

Harknori is ruled by the Gangvori kingdom. It is home to fire giants, orcs, Khazarkars, and many other races. The dwellings are all giant-sized and required so by the kingdom's laws. Owners may furnish them as they see fit, but all the city's structures must be built to accommodate the great size of the fire giants. This law was enacted in 1681, after the city was partially occupied by a horde of Igurkesh. Before this so-called Giant Specification law, there were all sorts of structures, some sized for man-sized and others for giant-sized. As a result, the Igurkesh were able to hole up in areas where the giants had a very hard time reaching them. The giants had to destroy buildings to reach the pesky acid breathing kobolds. By the time they broke into a building, the kobolds fled into the vast warrens beneath Harknori and moved to another place. The kobolds harried the giants for several months, until nearly every smaller than giant-sized dwellings was demolished. After the diminutive folk were driven off, the giants enacted a law where the structures of the city would be built to more easily fit them and not be used as a mini-fortress by enemies.

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Notable Areas
  • Orgerd
  • Oven of Surtur - forge headed by a cyclops master blacksmith
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