Creation3 Hollow 9199 GE

The gnoll race was created when Ingu'lumin gave the demon lord Yeenoghu a Spark of Creation. For a very short time, this coalesced life energy gave him the power to create lifeforms, just like a Tier 3 Creationists. Yeenoghu made the gnolls like a lesser version of himself with them more stooped in stature - teetering between going on all four or remaining on two legs.

In the demon's defeat of the Demon Spawn War, the demon prince Yeenoghu retreated back to the Abyss with his armies of demons and gnolls. He left a little more than a 1,000 gnolls on the world Bal-Kriav. Under the guidance of Ingu'lumin, they were charged with establishing a civilization in the name of Yeenoghu. This was the beginning of a civilization that would reach unusual renown for a people that are generally barbaric, fragmented, and highly chaotic.

The gnolls of Bal-Kriav began in Zyrath at a place called Kennel. As this place grew in size, bands of them left for prized hunting grounds. This began a long period where many gnolls became highly nomadic. They spread outward in pursuit of game across many regions of Brucrumus and perhaps beyond.

Though today they fit the general view of them as a highly chaotic and barbaric, it has not always been so. In the Northern Hordelands, they managed to form a series of strong and stable empires. These empires reached a state of civilization beyond what is normally thought possible for gnolls. This period of Enlightenment only lasted several hundred years, staring with the Drugnod Dynasty and ending with Yagamph. Since then, the gnolls have declined a bit. Socilogists have attributed the heightened civilization of some gnolls to the doings of Ingu'lumin. This primordial disembodied thinker lived among them for five centuries, guiding their civilization and instilling discipline in their chaotic thinking. He hoped that what he was doing would give them several thousand years of progress before they began regressing back to the temperament of their creator.

The largest gnoll empire of Midrêth is Garormuk.

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