Seed of Tarfilerquar

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The Seed of Tarfilerquar, said to the heart of an evil god, is a baleful corrupting thing that disguises itself as a gnarled and dried seed. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Kriavfahliil of Herfarel explored the deep canyon east of this city. In the deeps of Tân'ndith, they found a lone seed in a massive, ruined sarcophagus of petrified wood.

In the First Epoch, a spoil of the sacking of Herfarel, the Jara took the seed far west.

In 994, a Jara by the name of Ushnagdú was born. Thought to be of some importance, the Seed of Tarfilerquar was fed to this child. The child became better known as Bone Pounder, a being said to be unkillable.

In 1790, a group of adventurers calling themselves Crimson Eye raided the ancient barrow of a Jara Khan, the Mound of Bone Pounder. One of the treasurers they found was a gnarled and dried seed. They claim it radiated minor magic and seemed incapable of bearing life. Crimson Eye traded this item to an outlaw druid named Black Wood. A year later, on 4 Bloom 1791, Black Wood planted the seed in the Maegorion Forest. In a span of a decade, it corrupted and darkened the forest and all within it. Animals and beasts became dire beasts; some of the more intelligent became evil. Treants became dark treants, and some of the oldest became undead treants. Sprites became quicklings, and some plants became evil-natured and carnivorous.

The Nature Protectorates say the Maegorion Forest and the reborn god Tarfilerquar are one and the same.

To destroy Tarfilerquar, you must destroy Maegorion, an impossible task, since even one seed of the forest, be it deer, seedling, or bee could carry on its taint to some other area.

- Oakenbeard, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Nature's Quandry"

Unkillable if eaten, regeneration 25, alignment changes to neutral evilcontinuous
Dark Bloom if planted, affecting a great area over time, this corrupts the landscape, turning beasts to dire types, changing some plant-life to be more predatory and mobile, and turning the denizens of the area into their more darker types - unicorn to black unicorn, treants to dark treantscontinuous
Blessing of Tarfilerquar the person planting the Seed of Tarfilerquar is Transcendedcontinuous