Toomrur Hegemony

Toomrur mobilizing for war
RegionGrashakh, Miradelgûn
Dark Woad3%
War Troll.5%
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesCrimson Eye, Orchish Empire, Rethmorg
RulersMordkon, Torfillifus
Established19 Brightstar 1802

The Toomrur Hegemony is an empire formed from numerous humanoid tribes spread across eastern Grashakh and Miradelgûn. Its two main holdings are Gúra and Bughor, the latter the empire's capital. Both of these cities were founded in the Horgon Era by Ogre Lords. They battled the multitude of humanoid tribes around them, and when those were pacified, they turned on each other. Both Gúra and Bughor, and many smaller places, changed hands dozens of times, suffered destruction and abandonment, then occupied and rebuilt. Often considered cursed for the number of battles fought in and around them, the Toomrur always returned to them. They were sacred places that put their people back on the map after being driven out of the Aerie of Dragons by the Zeymah'kein.

In the early 1500s, the Toomrur and other humanoids of eastern Thingrorn were faced with near subjugation by the Orchish Empire. In the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511), the city-states Dumugon and Khatúlg united against the Orchish Empire. The conflict ended in a stalemate with the Orchish Empire moving back to their borders west of the mighty Dargirth River.

The period that followed the First Ogre War was one of instability and internal feuding between rival shaman sects, feuds between city-state and satraps, and the rivalries between the Ogre Lords. All of these conflicts, over nearly a century, became known as the Satrap Wars (1514 - 1604). Often secretly funded by the Orchish Empire, the instability was a considerable drain on the lands claimed by the Toomrur.

In the Year 1802, two charismatic heroes entered Toomrur politics. These were Mordkon and his cunning ally, a dracolich named Torfillifus. They were were set on filling a power vacuum. Supported with internal intelligence, courtesy of shamans answering to Graz'zt, along with disenfranchised Ogre Lords, they crushed internal opposition and all those who failed to recognize them as the region's new masters.

On 19 Brightstar 1802, they united the hordes and holds from Gúra to Bughor, becoming the Toomrur Hegemony. The naming caused a bit of stir, for the goblins outnumbers the ogres, so they agreed on the new name as long as it was called the Toomrur Hegemony instead of the Toomrur Union. It did not go well with the Toomrur. They were convinced by Mordkon to give up something. Those that decided to cause trouble had a meeting with Torfillifus; which usually ended in their demise.

In 1804, the empire went to war with Crimson Eye. Named the Crimson Offensive (1804 - 1810), losing, they ceded Norgtrum and the hills of Gudrall.

Probably the greatest conflict for the Toomrur Hegemony was an internal, religious crusade between fiend worshipers and the entrenched priesthood of Vaprak. Since the Horgon Era, Vaprak had been the Toomrur's main deity. If you were Toomrur, and didn't worship him, you were seen as a trouble-maker.

In the Third Epoch, the dictator Mordkon forced the people to worship the demon lord Graz'zt. This resulted in the Dark Prince Civil War (1818 - 1821), ending the worship of Vaprak, and the rise of the Church of Graz'zt.

It was a significant milestone for Graz'zt, a promotion. His faith was rooted. It then became entrenched, the flock, the believers a source of divine power for him. Exactly five years after the Dark Prince Civil War, Graz'zt gave up his status as a Cult Power, becoming a Demigod.

- Torfillifus, from a personal journal - "Doorstep to the Abyss"

The main export of the Toomrur Hegemony is salt. They control the largest salt deposit on Brucrumus, an area called Zakthol.

The Toomrur Hegemony joined the Chaos War when the Sekbire Pact attacked them from the territories of the Tormoran Federation. In the Lich Front, the Toomrur Hegemony lost Khatúlg, Gothmak, and all territory west of Thingrorn's river Viiz Bo.

All the hobgoblins and nearly half of the empire's goblins are slaves. The hobgoblins, long enemies of the Toomrur, are always made slaves. Enslaving goblins comes from bad debts, brigandage, and a host of other reasons. Unlike the hobgoblins, they can buy their freedom, and sometimes earn it.

The Toomrur Hegemony has a number of voidships. These are built from technologies purchased from the Khazarkar Empire.

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