Barb Turret

RegionHigh Wood Country
Owner3rd Lord of Stability
Built16 Witchrite 1630

Barb Turret is one of a string of immense fortresses that face the rapid growing Tendrils of Taurquion. An immense otherworldly looking fortress, it looks like something you would find on Mechanus, spinning barbed gears and sprockets and array of other machinery. Like Chain Jack and Bark Slice, it was built to keep the Taurquion from claiming any more lands under the watch of the Central Stability.

Barb Turret is a concrete bastion reinforced with adamantine re-bar. The place has iron-shod covered walkways connecting a decentralized network of towers and blockhouses. Its most potent defense are clouds of adamantine shards that spin about like tornadoes, cutting down vegetation and just about anything else in their path. These things are called shredstorms. They were first made in the Creation War by the rilmani and are still produced in numbers here to indicate that a great source of adamantine is probably somewhere about. Barb Turret also has a number of artillery that fire canisters and bombs of iron shards. These shards are often coated with toxins detrimental to plant-life.

Barb Turret is under command of a Lord of Stability who is in liege with the Central Stability. It was built in 1630 by the maug construction company Measure & Fortify.