SpeakerGrimrock, Fleet Admiral of the Crimson Armada
MeetingStellar Debates, Meeting 902
YearYear 1821

What follows is the speech of a renown orc high priest named Admiral Grimrock, Victor of the Battle of Geb Pass.

It has been said that the denizens of Bal-Kriav did not originate from this planet. Legend has it that an ancient race called the Lith-Crillion spawned the races from pure energy. The School of Logical Thought believes that the races were all introduced simultaneously and thus must have been created by the Lith-Crillion.

The School of Primal Inhabitants believes that the races were more likely introduced from other worlds and Solar Systems. The reason being that the races are all relatively of the same age as far as their histories. They are aware that the world was once populated and probably dominated by the Lith-Crillion. This truth is undeniable. Every racial history mentions this race by the same name and states the same things about them.

Whether you believe the Lith-Crillion were the fathers of other races, or are of the Primal Inhabitants thought is only a matter of conjecture.

One must not overlook the fact that only 5% of Bal-Kriav has been mapped and little more explored. There could be vast civilizations of varying degrees of development out there.

- Grimrock, "Conversations in Crimson Eye Council"

Around the Year 1800, a change was occurring on Bal-Kriav. Several empires had procured technologies that allowed them to become void travellers. This advancement was greatly helped by the activities of my company Crimson Eye, Inc. We acquired a vast armada of ships for the defense of the Orchish Empire.

Needless to say, we are all familiar with the story. Aliens inhabited a Giff League void outpost called Citho-Cûr and the garrison was practically wiped out. Apparently, they had dug into a chamber holding a craft of unknown origin. On searching through it, the Deep Six and giff found eggs and became hosts for these creatures.

My company went to Citho-Cûr, dispatched the alien creatures, liberated the wretched garrison, and claimed the numerous cannonry and voidships as our just reward.

- Grimrock, "Fairly Earned"

These weapons and ships greatly increased the offensive capabilities for the Orchish Empire. Unfortunately this technology could not be kept secret. The plans for constructing certain types of engines was stolen, sold on the black market or captured by rival nations like the Khazarkar Empire.

Until the eighth century of the Third Epoch, greedy powers like the Giff Leaque and the Deep Six had a monopoly on void travel. They signed an agreement with the Tamlêrran that prevented any party from transferring voidships and technology to the empires inside the Belt of Geb.

This agreement was dissolved when the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire formed their own void navies. For once in their histories, the Khazarkar and the Orchish Empire became uneasy allies, and united to fight for the "air power" technology of the alien races.

In the Battle of Geb Pass, the Milzôr-Munal and the Kangrath engage and weaken the Deep Six and the Giff League opposing fleets. This engagement surprised the Giff and Deep Six forces; they were outnumbered and surrounded by these "upstart" void-faring races.

This victory changed many things. The dominance of the skies above the Bal-Kriav had shifted to the native civilizations.

I' am here to say, our interests for the Orchish Empire are simple, might makes right."

On the return voyage of Grimrock to the Orchish Empire, a terrible tragedy occurred. Gruumsh Avenger, pride of the Kangrath navy was intercepted by birds of prey. No less than a dozen Tyrant Orbs intercepted and shot down the orc ship over the Kamoni jungle. Admiral Grimrock Kigorarg is presumed dead.