Siege of Khaleddagun

Drachdekai Pact VS Fargimdal

In 1826, the Drachdekai Pact invasion fleet passed over Fargimdal's mountain fortress Khaleddagun. The attackers were split into three wings - a ground one, one headed by illithids and another comprised of neogi and their frost giant lackeys. The neogi wing attacked from voids ships, bombing the place for two hours. This aerial shelling came from frost giants lobbying boulders into the fortress and ship cannon raining iron balls into Khaleddagun's fortifications. They caused a terrible destruction on the defenders yet in the process a number of ships. This was totally unexpected because it was thought that dragon grapples would not be able to hold their flying ships, yet they did making them bulls-eyes for incendiary rounds from the keeps 67 heavy cannon, 84 medium cannon, and 6 Bearded Belly batteries.

One unlucky Doom Widow, the Alopecosa, passed close enough to broadside us with canister. She was speared by 12th Platoon's dragon grapple. The Alopecosa was ripped in two when it failed to stop in time - grapple chain going taunt at 700'.

- Karun-Mek, from the unit history of the Mighty 5th - "Alopecosa Gutted"

The greatest victory of the day for Fargimdal's defenders was when a pair of Colossus cannons, firing in unison, brought down a Green Orb Weaver and a Doom Widow. These void craft crashed into the deep tangles of Goldarah killing hundreds of neogi.

As Khâls Forge dimmed, a Arachnidion troop transport passed over Khaleddagun and deployed neogi paratroopers. The ground force then started an assault against the walls of Khaleddagun. The assault was led by umber hulks and frost giants. The umber hulks, covered by giant missile-fire, set to burrowing through Khaleddagun's imposing lava stone walls. Troops of the illithid wing, then began appearing all about the fortress interior using psionic blast to take out random groups. Chaos erupted in the night with attacks coming from the inside, in the skies overhead, and against the walls of Khaleddagun. At midnight, umber hulks had breached the outer walls and stormed into the place, followed by hundreds of neogi.

At 2AM, Khaleddagun's defenders collapsed the Helmordorak bridge. They then fled into the escape passages leading into the Jaborack woods. With woman, children, and wounded, the defenders collapsed a series of tunnels along their route of escape. At 4AM, they entered the foggy woodlands of Jaborack. Here they were attacked on three sides by the Horgmidia Army. Just as the siege started, this Ba'lith force deployed in the woods, waiting to ambush any seeking to escape by way of the woodlands.

With many of their routes of escape blocked, except those via the Underdark, the defenders suffered heavy casualties. Several hundred dwarves managed to escape into the safety of Khunwrak's ancient fortifications.

For their help in the siege, Ba'lith took two steam engines. Suellk and the Arachnidion put a strong garrison in the place and commenced raiding of surrounding lands. Khaleddagun was renamed Brachypelma, becoming the first holding on Bal-Kriav for the Arachnidion.