Karnegmoth Cataclysm

Period1687 - present

When Tinnanguth fell, the land around fell to their slaves, the Earthen. These elemental creatures all hailed from Granitoid. They were the result of centuries of summonings and conjurations, all binded to serve. After the Dao Insurrection, and the centuries that followed, they were to prove far more dangerous than their predecessors. Tinnanguth was about getting resources, taking it by force when it seemed inequitable. Their former slaves, now in power, are about changing the land around them. Once restricted by their former masters to mining, labor, and other tasks, the more intelligent of their kind turned to improving their lot, others to research and change. They applied their uncanny understanding of the earth, stone, and metals, building wonders of engineering that rise and fall with the land around them. In the Utarn Archives (c.f. Utarn), a near mirror of the Râpha-Sûn library destroyed in the Dao Civil War, they found lore, histories, and writings of Tinnanguth, Ethenoran, Abâthigûr, Horgon (159 HE - 537 HE), and the pre-Horgon city-states on Osâchar.

In the 1600s, Rilirthad's scientists began to experiment with rifts. The brains behind all of this was Drachmon. He led Rilirthad for two centuries, impersonating various figures and even sitting in the throne for a time, pushing his policy of turning Karnegmoth into a mirror image of Chaos's ring world Granitoid.

Karnegmoth is slowly changing as elemental energy and matter pours into the region from rifts. These are permanent gateways that allow matter, energy, and sometimes creatures, to crossover from Granitoid to the world Bal-Kriav.

In 1687, the rift Togomud Sink opened. The rift's opening started the Karnegmoth Cataclysm. A river of flowing rock and mud, the Mud Flow, was created by the alien energy and matter spilling from this rift.

In 1689, the Earth Callers were activated. This caused great rivers of slow-moving dark mud to spill forth. The area known as Granitoid Spill is a product of the Earth Callers.

Various groups of Karnegmoth work to bring an end to the Karnegmoth Cataclysm. The largest organization working against Rilirthad is the Greenland Alliance. The lands of Karnegmoth that have not been affected by the elemental matter or those that have been converted back are commonly referred to as the Greenlands.

The threat of the Karnegmoth Cataclysm is such that the demigod Lokestant works directly to counter it. She opened the Waterhaven Channel to counter the earthen matter with water. In 1810, Poseidon created a great whirlpool, the Eye of Poseidon, as another counter to the machinations of Rilirthad and Geb fanatics like Gebs Chosen.