FocusEntropic, Earth
Formed5 Lunar 1486 DE

Granitoid is an Elemental Ring World on the edge of Chaos. It was created by the primordial Storrralk. Granitoid is a focus for Chaos and Earth.

Most of the Earthen on the world Bal-Kriav came from Granitoid. They come by way of rifts. The largest number of open rifts to Granitoid are in Karnegmoth. In this region, the Rilirthad seek to turn the landscape into an extension of Granitoid. The group behind this grand effort are Gebs Chosen.

The most active rifts between Granitoid and Bal-Kriav are in Karnegmoth with Togomund Sink and the Earth Callers. Both of these flood matter, including Earthen, from Chaos into this realm.

In 420 HE, the Bimothak fled dao servitude on Granitoid and crossed over to Bal-Kriav. They are one of the few good natives of Granitoid that dwell in Karnegmoth.