Mephigax-Bog Channel

CategoryGeographical Area
RegionTroll Bogs

Some refer to this as an engineering feat that hadn't been seen since the God Era. In 1829, the Nordern Empire completed a deep channel between the Bog Sea and the Mephigax. This had been a century long dream of the empire, to get their cities out of the dreary, humid, swampy conditions of the Troll Bogs. There population growth has suffered from this environment. Largely a friendly people, neighboring empires offered to take in some of their people. Most decided to stay in one of Nordern's three ocean-traveling cities, Bathyl, Fathom Two, and Biomechallum, and help fulfill the dream, the work of making a way out into the open ocean.

The history of how these oceanic cities ended up on Bal-Kriav begins with the opening of Tempestants Springs. Some of Nordern's cities escaped a world ravaged by the Bombing of Geb. In 1692, they came through the rift. They found themselves in less than favorable conditions. Around them, the swamp-fed waters of the Bog Sea, an inland sea. As a deep ocean people, a circumstance forced upon them during their time on Gebs Rain, they yearned to get through BelnĂȘth and to the deeper, cleaner waters of the Mephigax. When asked why she did not give them a better place to start over, Tempestant has reputed to have told her closest priests, 'there were others in the bargain.'

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