Nielalroch is a strait bordered to the north by the ocean Edhelviel and south by the Mephigax ocean. The continent Gorejun lies to the west and east is Brucrumus. The eastern border regions of this sea are the Great Expanse, High Wood Country, Clans, and Troll Bogs. One of the most mysterious islands of Nielalroch is Arcana.

In the Dawn Era, the creationist Sathel shaped the undersea areas of this strait along with many other oceanic areas across Bal-Kriav. She named many of the world's oceans with Elven names, a tribute to the Sea Elves which she also created.

In 1827, Spirachiln completed construction of a magical gate called Emancers Teleporter. This gateway, along with the Sea Tunnel resulted in an influx of naval activity, trade, pirating, and military actions across Nielalroch. The commerce afforded by the Sea Tunnel and Emancers Teleporter has made Spirachiln very wealthy and a source of jealousy in the region.

The most common flags seen on this sea are from the nations of Ivory Asylum, Malacost, Grimmarsveinn, Nordern, and Spirachiln.

Beneath the waves of Nielalroch are a few undersea city-states and a couple empires. The ancient empire Caradruk, home to the tritons, is one of the oldest and largest of Nielalroch's undersea empires.

In 1829, the Nordern completed a deep, but short-lived channel between the Bog Sea and Nielalroch. This allowed them to move two of their submersible coral cities out of the Bog Sea and into the Ten Seas. These alien cities, floating at home on the waves or beneath, are the safest ports of the Mephigax. It is only in these places that a ship has a hope of weathering Mephigax's terrific storms which can pack swells towering more than two hundred feet high.

- Admiral Gima-Kilc, of the Knights Fleet, excerpt from his book - "Naval Might - The Nordern"

Notable Islands
Undersea Empires